Rosy Pena Chloe Sweatshirt Dress Hack

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you will know that I’m a big fan of the Chloe Sweatshirt by Rosy Pena Patterns. I’ve made four so far (I think). You can read my review here.

I haven’t made one for a while and with winter being well and truly here, I thought it’s time I made another! I chose some super soft and cosy burgundy sweatshirt fabric from 1st for Fabrics and they had a matching rib knit. I bought 2m of the sweatshirt fabric and half a metre of the matching rib.

Before I cut out my fabric, I had a brainwave…. why don’t I make a sweatshirt dress?? I did consider using the Southbank sweater dress pattern instead but I prefer the neck on the Chloe sweatshirt. I didn’t want a polo neck. Also, I have a paper copy of the Southbank sweater dress and it’s already cut out but I think I’d need a different size now!

To change the pattern into a dress, I just added 10 inches to the length of the front and back pieces. That’s it! Rosy has a YouTube video on her channel showing you how to do this and I watched this first. The rest of the construction was the same. I think I would like it slightly longer if I made this again only because I’ve worn it to work a few times and when I reach up, I think the dress rises up a little bit too much for a primary school.

I cut the neckband and cuffs out of the rib fabric and everything else from the sweatshirt fleece. I wanted to cut the bottom band from the rib as well but there wasn’t enough. Using the rib has made the dress a bit more comfortable and professional looking.

Although there are a few errors on this dress, I love it! It is so comfortable and cosy, perfect for lazy days and cold evenings! It’s already had plenty of wear and I find myself wearing it as soon as it’s clean, which is always a good sign!

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