Friday Pattern Company – Sagebrush top

It’s been a while since I blogged any of my makes in detail and I have quite a list of makes to write about. I’m now going completely out of order! I thought I’d share my most made pattern this year.

If you follow me on Instagram or watch my YouTube channel, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the Sagebrush top by Friday Pattern Company. It’s also been a huge hit with the sewing community and it’s easy to see why. So far, I’ve made 4 of these tops and have plans for a fifth! I’ve made it in two different fabrics and this does impact the fit of the top. I’ll share some general information about the pattern and then I’ll talk through all of my versions.

From Friday Pattern Company’s website

The Sagebrush top is the latest pattern from Friday Pattern Company, which is an independent pattern company based in Sacramento, California. They design sewing patterns for the modern woman and I would describe their style as simple yet on-trend. They have some fab patterns such as The Wilder Gown (which is hugely popular), the Adrienne blouse, the Lucida dress and the Ilford jacket to name a few. I love the look of a lot of their patterns and have wanted to try the Cambria Duster for the while now. My favourite thing about the company is that they donate 5% of profits to charity. Each pattern supports a different charity so you can shop freely knowing you are donating to a good cause as well.

The pattern is available in PDF and printed format and ranges from size XS to 7X. That covers a 32 inch bust to a 60 inch bust. Another great thing about Friday Pattern Company is that they are incredibly inclusive. Not only do they cater for a wide range of sizes, they also use a variety of body types and ethnicities as models. The Ilford Jacket is also designed for both genders.

The Sagebrush top is described on their website as ‘ an elegant and easy to sew blouse that is a joy to sew and wear’. I have to agree! In my opinion, it is a top that looks fancy and more complicated than it is. It has great design details such as big, puffy sleeves, a frill across the front and the tie neck detail as well as a yoke on the front and back. These features add interest to the making and wearing of the top.

Although it looks complicated, there’s actually no really complicated sewing involved. The top is fastened by a tie at the neck, so there’s no zips or buttons involved. The hardest skill required is gathering! You need to gather the frill, gather the front top piece and the sleeves. If you can gather, set in a sleeve and sew on neckline binding, then you’ll find this top a doddle. But I like that the features keep it interesting to make. Also, you only need fabric, thread and elastic to make this top so minimal notions required!

I love this pattern and think it’s very versatile. You can alter the length, make it into a dress, adjust the size of the sleeve, remove the frill, add embellishments to the top or the necktie, use contrasting colours… there’s so many options! You could also use a range of fabric types. The pattern says it’s designed for woven fabrics and I think you could use most woven fabrics. It works especially well in loose, drapey, lightweight fabrics.

Sagebrush top 1 – Cotton Dobby

The first version I made was in a light blue cotton dobby fabric that was from Felicity Fabrics. I wanted to use a cotton as it is a stable fabric and easy to sew with. I made a size L, even though my measurements put me in the XL size. I think I based this decision on the finished garment measurements. The top is meant to be loose fitting and slightly large so there is a bit of ease.

I followed the instructions closely for this version and really enjoyed the sewing process. At first, I was worried it would be too small, as the yoke pieces seem tiny, but it was fine. The construction is simple and it comes together quite quickly. I couldn’t get the frill to gather as much as it should have due to it being two layers of fabric. The threads got stuck so I just evened out the gathers as much as possible and cut the frill to the size it should be. The rest of the construction was incident free! I used the hem measurement given in the instructions for this one and feel the top could be a bit longer. This was easily sorted for my future ones as the top has quite a large hem allowance. You fold it up 4 inches in total (2 x 2inches)

Using cotton dobby meant the top has some structure and so the sleeves are more pronounced. I personally love them but they could make you feel unsure about the top if you aren’t used to the style. The fit of this one is ok but I prefer a bit more room in my clothes and length on my tops. It’s very wearable though and has been on heavy rotation in my summer wardrobe.

Sagebrush top 2 – White double gauze

My second Sagebrush top is probably the prettiest. It’s made in a beautiful white double gauze with gold dots on it. It’s super soft and pretty. Again, I made size L but due to the fabric choice, it is looser to wear. Also, the drapiness of the fabric means the sleeves aren’t as pronounced.

I made it as per the instructions but I only turned the hem up once so had a 2inch hem, rather than 4 inches. I prefer this length as it’s long enough to cover me comfortably but can still be tucked in as well. My only criticism of this one is that some of the gold dots melted under the iron so I tried to steam it rather than iron it. The main time this was an issue was when I had to press the binding to create folds as melting the dots was inevitable!

Sagebrush top 3 – Blue gingham

Everyone needs a gingham top in their lives! Gingham was a big trend this summer and I saw many gingham tops in shops. I desperately wanted my own so I made another Sagebrush top in a royal blue gingham from Sew Me Sunshine.

Again, I sewed up the size L and followed the instructions as I had in the previous versions. I just used a 2 inch hem for this one. The cotton fabric is stiffer than the others so it is less roomy but I still like it.

Sagebrush Top 4 – Green double gauze

My latest Sagebrush top is made in a double gauze from Sew Me Sunshine which is in Ivy colour. I was going to film a sew a long for this version but the video didn’t work out. I cut my usual size and sewed it up as normal but this one is a lot looser to wear. Double gauze will stretch and grow as you sew it so it feels a size bigger. This is good as I was thinking about going up a size for this one anyway. I really like the more loose, relaxed fit of this one and wear this one quite often. I think I will size up for the next one I make in a cotton fabric!

So that’s my current collection of Sagebrush tops! As you can tell, I’m a fan! I have recently purchased some beautiful cotton fabric so plans are underway for a fifth version!

Have you made the Sagebrush top yet?

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