Chloe Sweatshirt

I wasn’t planning to blog about this make yet, as I have a couple of other things I’ve made first and I tend to blog in order. However, I made this this weekend and I freaking love it! I think this might possibly be my favourite thing that I’ve made so far.

chloe complete

As you probably know, I recently made the Toaster sweater and was considering making another. I’m all about hoodies, sweatshirts and anything that is secret pyjamas! I liked the Toaster sweater but the size I made was quite tight fitting and I prefer a more casual, slouchy fit in a sweatshirt. I was considering making a Linden sweatshirt or a Sloane sweatshirt. Then I saw that Rosy Pena (whose blog I love) released the Chloe sweatshirt and I liked the casual fit from the photos. I also liked that it was a simple sweatshirt pattern, no fancy features or darts, just a bog standard, classic sweatshirt. I left it a while and bought 2 lots of sweatshirt jersey in preparation for more sweaters. I was on the verge of making another Toaster sweater, when I saw that Rosy was having a 24 hour flash sale! 30% off! So I bought it on Friday night and printed it out, then sewed it on Saturday. Boom!

chloe shoulder

As I like my sweatshirts big (I have a large Ivy Park hoodie that is ginormous on me but I love it!), I was umming and ahhing over the size. I decided to make the longer length one as I’m  not a fan of anything cropped! My measurements are size medium but I thought about making a large just to make sure it would be boxy. I’m glad I didn’t, as the medium turned out perfect. It’s a casual fit and slouchy but not too big. The sleeves are just that little bit too long (which I like) and the length is good for me. Once I tried it on, I didn’t want to take it off! If I wanted a closer fit, I could probably make a small, but this is intended to be a bigger fit. I didn’t make any adjustments to the size, I just made a straight medium. I tend to make the size that fits my measurements without any adjustments the first time I make a new pattern. Luckily, this one is a perfect fit!

chloe fabric

The fabric is this gorgeous fleece back sweatshirt fabric from Guthrie-Ghani. It’s a grey marl colour but has multi coloured flecks in it. It’s so snuggly and soft! It sews and presses really well. I highly recommend it! I also have some lovely Atelier Brunnette sweatshirt fabric which I’m planning on making another Chloe out of.

Construction wise it was pretty simple. After having made the Toaster sweater, a lot of the steps were familiar. It came together within an hour or two. I liked that you attach the sleeve curve before you sew the side seams up, so you can sew the sleeve and size seam as one. I also love a hem band and cuff, rather than trying to hem! The neck band also went it well first time! It was a dream to sew! I also made it all on a regular machine with a ballpoint needle and zig zag stitch.

This is honestly, quite possibly my favourite piece of clothing I own! Everything about it is perfect for, the fit, the fabric… I’m already planning a range of these for every day of the year!

chloe wear

Pattern review

Name: Chloe Sweatshirt

Company: Rosy Pena patterns

Description: A classic sweatshirt featuring dropped shoulders, trendy sleeve cuffs and length variations.

Printed or PDF: At the moment these patterns are only available as PDF

Sizing: The sizes are from XXS to XXL. I made a straight medium of the longer length version.

Alterations: None

Fabric: A lovely fleece back sweatshirt fabric from Guthrie Ghani. It was £14.50 p/m and I bought 2m.


Difficulty rating: It’s rated as a beginner and I agree. Super simple to make!

Difficulties encountered: None

Time taken: An hour or two after cutting out

Recommend: Yes!!!

What I would change: Nothing

My favourite thing: The casual fit and simple construction


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