Tilly and the Buttons – Lotta Dress

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently. Life (work) has been really busy and tiring so my blogging time has been non-existent. I’ve still been sewing so if you want to keep up to date with my sewing please go follow me on Instagram: @readysteadysew_

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Just a quick post to let you know that I have written a blog post for Crafty Sew and So that was published today. They put a call out for bloggers earlier this year for their Crafty Bloggers Club and they decided to let everyone who applied have a go! I was given an allowance to spend on fabrics, patterns and haberdashery items in their store but I could make pretty much whatever I wanted!

After much deliberation, I decided on making the Lotta dress by Tilly and the Buttons. If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I am a huge Tilly fan and her patterns helped teach me to sew!

Please go and have a read of my blog post over on Crafty Sew and So’s blog here.


September makes and October plans

First of all, I can’t believe it’s the end of September already! 2020 is flying by! The good news is we are getting well and truly into Autumn, which is my favourite season! I love the chunky cardigans, skirts and dresses with tights and boots and just generally being all cosy!

September was a slow sewing month for me. Going back to work full time in the COVID era is very tiring. The days are longer and I just feel much busier than usual. This obviously impacted on my sewing. I didn’t even touch my sewing machine for the first half of the month! My desire to sew is still strong and I still have lots of plans and ideas. It also appears that my love of buying fabrics has not slowed down at all. I’m running out of space to store them all!

Anyway, in September, I managed to complete 3 projects. I don’t think this is too bad considering I only starting sewing mid-month.

September makes

Sew Over It – Pussybow blouse

My first completed make was another Pussybow blouse from Sew Over It. I made one of these earlier this year and it does get worn often for work so I decided to make another. This one is in a Navy floral viscose that I bought a couple of months ago from Material Girl Laura. I love the colours on it and think it’s perfect for Autumn. I decided to make it sleeveless so I can layer it in the colder months but still wear it in the summer. It was a last minute decision to go sleeveless (I didn’t want to do the cuffs and rouleau finish) so didn’t alter the armhole in any way. I bias bound the armhole and it’s ok to wear. If I’d planned it better I may have altered the shape of the armhole slightly, but it’s still fine to wear.

Sew Over It – Peggy Trousers

My next make was another Sew Over It pattern, this time the Peggy trousers. The Peggy trousers are their latest PDF pattern and this was my first make one of their Pattern Insiders. It’s very exciting to be part of the team! I used a black garbadine twill suiting fabric from Minerva, which is lovely. I’m tempted to get some more! I love the paperbag waist on these trousers! These were quite an involved make as they have a zip fly, pleats at the front and the paperbag waist but I enjoyed making them. I graded in a size from waist to hips but still have a bit too much fabric around my hips. Trouser fitting is something I want to improve!

Megan Nielsen – Opal Pants

I finally made the Opal pants after planning to make them for several months. I used a grey tencel twill from The New Craft House and really enjoyed making them. It was interesting to make these straight after the Peggy trousers as they are quite similar. Opal is a much quicker and easier pattern as there is no fly fastener and the front is flat (no pleats). It also has in-seam pockets which Peggy does not. I graded a size from waist to hip again and still have similar fitting issues but they seem less pronounced with these. Maybe due to the front of these being flat? I’d like to make these again in a slightly drapier fabric as I think they will look very different.

October plans

Many of my October plans are rolled over from September that I didn’t complete. Hopefully I’ll get more sewing done this month as we have 2 weeks for half term and have lots planned!

Papercut Patterns – Sapporo Coat

So far I’ve cut out the pattern! I’m planning on getting this cut out and started in October. I have a navy Melton Wool from Minerva to use. I’m looking forward to making a new coat!

True Bias – Shelby dress

I’m very excited for this make! I have two fabrics I want to make this dress in. The first is the burgundy dotty and dots viscose I got from Sister Mintaka. I keep seeing lots of gorgeous versions of this dress and I think it would look lovely with tights and boots and a chunky cardigan.

Sew Over It – Heather Dress

The Heather dress is another previous make that got lots of wear but unfortunately, it is now too small for me. I’ve decided I need another in my life as it’s so comfy! I’ve got some plain black and a zebra print ponte from Sewisfaction as I really like the colour blocked version.

Tilly and the Buttons – Alexa Jumpsuit

This has been on my to-make list for a few months and I still haven’t gotten round to it. I really like Tilly’s nautical version and I have some gorgeous tencel fabric from Patterns and Plains to use. I also have gold buttons ready to complete the look!

Tilly and the Buttons – Lotta dress

It’s taken me a bit of time to warm up to the Lotta dress but I’m now quite excited to make one! It looks quite versatile as you can make it in wovens or jerseys. I’m going to be making it in an animal print viscose from Crafty Sew and So. This project is actually going to be a blog post for them so this one will definitely be made by the end of October!

As usual, I have an ambitious list but I’m hoping to make quite a dent in it. I also want to sew up a large chunk of my stash as I really have no room left! I need to sew as fast as I buy fabric! Or I could stop buying fabric for a bit, but that’s no fun!!

What are you planning to make in October?

Sew Over It – Sorrento Jacket

So it appears I’m no longer blogger my makes in order! My Sorrento jacket is my most recent make but I’ve still got a huge list of things I’ve made in 2020 that I have yet to share! I’m just blogging about whichever make I fancy!

From Sew Over It’s website

The Sorrento jacket is one of the items in Sew Over It’s latest ebook – Summer Dreaming. It is part of their capsule wardrobe collections, all based on a summer capsule wardrobe and it is gorgeous. I think it’s my favourite yet! I like everything in it! The clothes are beautiful and the photos were taken in India so it’s an absolutely stunning book.

There are five projects in the book, most of which have variations. They are; the Alba skirt, the Ravello Dress, the Porto jumpsuit, the Siena dress and the Sorrento jacket. I was originally planning on starting with the Alba skirt but then I was inspired by Liz who’s The Baker that Sews on Instagram. She made a pastel Sorrento jacket and that was it! I needed one in my life! I jumped straight in at the deep end and started with the trickiest project in the book.

The Sorrento jacket is a slightly cropped denim jacket that has all the features you’d expect. Lots of topstitching, cuff details, tabs at the back and front pockets to name just a few. To be honest, I was worried it would be a step too far for me, especially with all the topstitching involved! I’ve never made such an involved project before and was worried it would all end in disaster! However, the instructions are really clear and thorough. There’s something like 102 steps, which may seem daunting, but shows the level of detail provided.

The first step is to cut out all the pieces. There are a lot! There’s about 15 different pattern pieces but most of them are quite small. I think the biggest piece is the sleeve. I pieced the PDF together myself as there wasn’t too many pages and it was actually quite easy to cut out as most pieces are within the width of A4 paper. I stuck each page of A4 into it’s row but then cut most pieces out of the row, rather than sticking the rows together to create a massive piece of paper. There was only a couple of pattern pieces that I needed to join to the next row. As my denim was quite thick (11oz) I used some scraps of cotton fabric from the pocket facing. The pattern does recommend doing this.

My practise version

The pattern recommends non-stretch denim and states that the samples shown in the book were using 11oz denim. It’s surprisingly hard to find non-stretch denim, especially that weight but I did find some. I bought some from Sew Me Sunshine and it was a blue reversible denim. When it arrived, I didn’t like the shade of blue it was so I decided to use it as a practise. I made it up in a size 18 but didn’t bother with buttons and buttonholes. I topstitched in the same thread as I sewed it. It was good to practise making it first and practise the topstitching.

For my ‘real’ Sorrento jacket, I used some khaki denim from Sew Over It. (It’s now in the sale!). Even though they don’t really sell fabrics anymore, they often stock fabrics that are suitable for their latest patterns. Worth having a look if you are making a new Sew Over It pattern.

One of the great things about the Sorrento Jacket, is that it takes shape really quickly. Although there are lots of pieces, the body of the jacket comes together quite fast. The instructions are ordered so you can sew as much as possible before topstitching to minimise the need to switch threads. Alternatively, you can have two machines set up; one for seams and the other for topstitching, if you have two machines.

I found the instructions to be really clear and easy to follow. The only part I struggled with was the sleeve binding. By the time I made my real version, it was better, but still far from perfect. If I make it again, I might try using a cotton fabric or bias binding so it’s less bulky.

Overall, I’m really pleased with how the jacket has turned out. It’s probably the most involved make I’ve made to date. It has all the features of a traditional denim jacket; three part front, yoke, collar, tabs, plackets, waistband etc. It took me about 3 days to make each version but it was worth the effort and time it took. I’m very proud of my jacket and love being able to tell people that I made it!

Friday Pattern Company – Sagebrush top

It’s been a while since I blogged any of my makes in detail and I have quite a list of makes to write about. I’m now going completely out of order! I thought I’d share my most made pattern this year.

If you follow me on Instagram or watch my YouTube channel, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the Sagebrush top by Friday Pattern Company. It’s also been a huge hit with the sewing community and it’s easy to see why. So far, I’ve made 4 of these tops and have plans for a fifth! I’ve made it in two different fabrics and this does impact the fit of the top. I’ll share some general information about the pattern and then I’ll talk through all of my versions.

From Friday Pattern Company’s website

The Sagebrush top is the latest pattern from Friday Pattern Company, which is an independent pattern company based in Sacramento, California. They design sewing patterns for the modern woman and I would describe their style as simple yet on-trend. They have some fab patterns such as The Wilder Gown (which is hugely popular), the Adrienne blouse, the Lucida dress and the Ilford jacket to name a few. I love the look of a lot of their patterns and have wanted to try the Cambria Duster for the while now. My favourite thing about the company is that they donate 5% of profits to charity. Each pattern supports a different charity so you can shop freely knowing you are donating to a good cause as well.

The pattern is available in PDF and printed format and ranges from size XS to 7X. That covers a 32 inch bust to a 60 inch bust. Another great thing about Friday Pattern Company is that they are incredibly inclusive. Not only do they cater for a wide range of sizes, they also use a variety of body types and ethnicities as models. The Ilford Jacket is also designed for both genders.

The Sagebrush top is described on their website as ‘ an elegant and easy to sew blouse that is a joy to sew and wear’. I have to agree! In my opinion, it is a top that looks fancy and more complicated than it is. It has great design details such as big, puffy sleeves, a frill across the front and the tie neck detail as well as a yoke on the front and back. These features add interest to the making and wearing of the top.

Although it looks complicated, there’s actually no really complicated sewing involved. The top is fastened by a tie at the neck, so there’s no zips or buttons involved. The hardest skill required is gathering! You need to gather the frill, gather the front top piece and the sleeves. If you can gather, set in a sleeve and sew on neckline binding, then you’ll find this top a doddle. But I like that the features keep it interesting to make. Also, you only need fabric, thread and elastic to make this top so minimal notions required!

I love this pattern and think it’s very versatile. You can alter the length, make it into a dress, adjust the size of the sleeve, remove the frill, add embellishments to the top or the necktie, use contrasting colours… there’s so many options! You could also use a range of fabric types. The pattern says it’s designed for woven fabrics and I think you could use most woven fabrics. It works especially well in loose, drapey, lightweight fabrics.

Sagebrush top 1 – Cotton Dobby

The first version I made was in a light blue cotton dobby fabric that was from Felicity Fabrics. I wanted to use a cotton as it is a stable fabric and easy to sew with. I made a size L, even though my measurements put me in the XL size. I think I based this decision on the finished garment measurements. The top is meant to be loose fitting and slightly large so there is a bit of ease.

I followed the instructions closely for this version and really enjoyed the sewing process. At first, I was worried it would be too small, as the yoke pieces seem tiny, but it was fine. The construction is simple and it comes together quite quickly. I couldn’t get the frill to gather as much as it should have due to it being two layers of fabric. The threads got stuck so I just evened out the gathers as much as possible and cut the frill to the size it should be. The rest of the construction was incident free! I used the hem measurement given in the instructions for this one and feel the top could be a bit longer. This was easily sorted for my future ones as the top has quite a large hem allowance. You fold it up 4 inches in total (2 x 2inches)

Using cotton dobby meant the top has some structure and so the sleeves are more pronounced. I personally love them but they could make you feel unsure about the top if you aren’t used to the style. The fit of this one is ok but I prefer a bit more room in my clothes and length on my tops. It’s very wearable though and has been on heavy rotation in my summer wardrobe.

Sagebrush top 2 – White double gauze

My second Sagebrush top is probably the prettiest. It’s made in a beautiful white double gauze with gold dots on it. It’s super soft and pretty. Again, I made size L but due to the fabric choice, it is looser to wear. Also, the drapiness of the fabric means the sleeves aren’t as pronounced.

I made it as per the instructions but I only turned the hem up once so had a 2inch hem, rather than 4 inches. I prefer this length as it’s long enough to cover me comfortably but can still be tucked in as well. My only criticism of this one is that some of the gold dots melted under the iron so I tried to steam it rather than iron it. The main time this was an issue was when I had to press the binding to create folds as melting the dots was inevitable!

Sagebrush top 3 – Blue gingham

Everyone needs a gingham top in their lives! Gingham was a big trend this summer and I saw many gingham tops in shops. I desperately wanted my own so I made another Sagebrush top in a royal blue gingham from Sew Me Sunshine.

Again, I sewed up the size L and followed the instructions as I had in the previous versions. I just used a 2 inch hem for this one. The cotton fabric is stiffer than the others so it is less roomy but I still like it.

Sagebrush Top 4 – Green double gauze

My latest Sagebrush top is made in a double gauze from Sew Me Sunshine which is in Ivy colour. I was going to film a sew a long for this version but the video didn’t work out. I cut my usual size and sewed it up as normal but this one is a lot looser to wear. Double gauze will stretch and grow as you sew it so it feels a size bigger. This is good as I was thinking about going up a size for this one anyway. I really like the more loose, relaxed fit of this one and wear this one quite often. I think I will size up for the next one I make in a cotton fabric!

So that’s my current collection of Sagebrush tops! As you can tell, I’m a fan! I have recently purchased some beautiful cotton fabric so plans are underway for a fifth version!

Have you made the Sagebrush top yet?

August Makes and September plans

I managed to get quite a few things made in August. In total I made 6 items. Two were of the same thing as I had a practise go first. I’m pleased with this as I know my productivity will decrease dramatically in September as I’m back to work. I’ve still got a never-ending ‘to make’ list and some ambitious sewing plans.

Before I begin, if you subscribe my YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram, you will probably already know what I made in August. You can find my YouTube channel here if you’d like to subscribe. I will be posting a September sewing plans video and a fabric haul video soon.

August makes

Wilder Top by Friday Pattern Co

My first make was the Wilder Top by Friday Pattern Company. I made this top in a lovely blue leopard print viscose that I got from Material Girl Laura. I love this fabric and top. It’s such a great combination and I love having some woven tops in my wardrobe. It makes a change from Tshirts. The construction is fairly simple. I’ve already made a Wilder Gown so the construction is the same as the top of the dress. I love the neckline and detail.

Gilbert Top by Helen’s Closet

So this isn’t technically finished but it’s almost complete. I just need to do buttons and button holes. I really like the Gilbert top though. It’s fairly simple for a shirt as it doesn’t have a collar stand or a traditional button placket. It has some features of a shirt but not all the complicated ones! I love the tie front detail as well. I’m also pleased that I got to use one of my Paige Joanna labels as I sewed it to the inside yoke before attaching the yokes together. Also I LOVE the fabric! It’s a viscose twill by Mind the Maker that I got from Sister Mintaka. I’ve been too scared to sew it up for ages in case I ruined it but I’m glad it’s finally been put to good use.

Hannah Dress by By Hand London

I love how this dress turned out but it very nearly ended up in the bin whilst I was making it! Luckily it all worked out in the end! I used a super cute lilac gingham from Sew Me Sunshine and used all 3m. I made a few changes… I chopped 5 inches off the length of the skirt, the neckline is questionable and I ended up using a little bit of gathering on the sleeves. My main stress was the neckline. The bias binding I had was too wide and every time I attempted to sew it on, it distorted the neckline terribly. As I’d sewn the first edge to the dress, I didn’t want to unpick it all so I just ran the bias binding through the overlocker to make it narrower then sewed it down and this worked fine! It’s a shame I had black thread in my overlocker but after about 4 attempts at getting the bias binding to sew flat, I was past caring!

Sorrento Jacket by Sew Over It

This is one of my proudest makes EVER! I MADE A DENIM JACKET! I’m so freakin’ proud! In fact, I made two as I did a test version first! It’s such a great pattern! I bought the ebook (Summer Dreaming) from Sew Over It when it was first released and have been itching to make something. I was inspired by Liz from The Baker That Sews to have a go at the jacket. I first bought some blue reversible denim but I didn’t like the colour of it when it arrived. I didn’t want to waste it so I used it for a practise version. For the first attempt, I topstitched in my regular thread and I didn’t put any buttons or buttonholes on. I thoroughly enjoyed making it though and was keen to make a ‘real’ one. I used a khaki denim from Sew Over It and topstitched in a pale grey thread. I’m so pleased with how this turned out! It took me about 3 days to make but it’s worth taking your time and persevering with it!

Sagebrush Top by Friday Pattern Co

My final August make was another Sagebrush top. This is my fourth version and think it could be my favourite. I used a green double gauze from Sew Me Sunshine and I was going to film a sew-a-long video for this. The video didn’t work out so I apologise if you wanted to see it. The construction of this top is simple but it looks complicated and I always enjoy making it. The reason this is my favourite so far, is that it’s come out bigger than the others so it’s comfier to wear. Double gauze grows and stretches so this is roomier than my cotton versions even though I cut them the same size. I think might size up for my next cotton version!

September plans

So, onto my September plans. I don’t expect to get as much sewing done but I’ve still got lots that I want to make! It doesn’t help that we’re almost 2 weeks into September and I’ve still yet to touch my sewing machine!

Opal pants by Megan Neilsen

I’ve been talking about making the Opal pants for a couple of months now and I still desperately want to make them! I have cut them out, which is progress, so should definitely get to them soon! I want to make the paper bag waist version in a grey twill I have from The New Craft House.

Pussybow blouse by Sew Over It

I need some new work clothes but am reluctant to venture out to the shops so I’m going to sew myself a few bits. I have plenty of fabric and patterns in my stash and I’m starting with a Pussybow blouse. I’ve made one already and wear it quite regularly for work so I thought another would be a good idea. I’m using a navy based floral viscose that I think I got from Material Girl Laura.

Shelby Dress by True Bias

I’ve had a sudden urge to make a Shelby dress. This pattern’s been around for a year or two and I’ve never been especially bothered about it until now. I really really really want one! I don’t actually own the pattern so I need to buy it soon. I’ve got several fabric options for this as I keep seeing fabrics that I think would look lovely in it. I think I’m going to use the burgundy dotty about dots viscose by Lady McElroy that I’ve bought from Sister Mintaka first. I think it’s a nice autumnal colour. If that one is ok and fits etc, I’m going to make another in the Moonshine Daisy viscose that’s also by Lady McElroy and I got from Sister Mintaka.

Sapporo Coat by Papercut Patterns

I’m not expecting to finish this coat in September but I would like to make a start on it. I’m super excited to be making this coat as I’ve loved the pattern for so long! I’ll be making the longer version and have the updated version of the pattern. I’m using a French Navy Melton wool that I got for a very reasonable price from Minerva. It was reduced from £20/m to £8/m! Obviously, August is a good time to buy coat fabrics!

Alexa Jumpsuit by Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly wearing her version that I totally want to copy!

As I’m being ambitious, lets throw another plan into the mix! I really want a nautical inspired Alexa jumpsuit like Tilly’s own one that she shared recently. I’ve got a navy tencel twill that is super soft from Patterns and Plains that I got in their recent sale and some gold buttons from Felicity Fabrics. I don’t know if I’ll get round to this one in September but you never know!

What are you planning for September? I’d love to be inspired!

July makes and August plans

Hello there! It’s been a while!

You’ll be pleased to know that I have been sewing quite a bit recently. I’ve finally finished work for the summer holidays and have spent my time sewing up a storm!

I managed to complete 5 garments in July, which is pretty good. I only really finished one before the summer holidays and then proceeded to make 3 or 4 within a week more or less. One item was a pattern test and I made two of one pattern but I had a very busy last week in July sewing-wise. I have filmed a YouTube video for my July makes which you may have seen. If not, you can watch it here.

Ok, so what did I make in July?

Friday Pattern Company – Sagebrush top

sagebrush top2

I completed my second version of this top in a gorgeous white double gauze with gold dots on it. I love this top! The fabric is so dreamy and the top is so cute. This pattern is quickly becoming a favourite of mine! I love the puffy sleeves and the cute frill. It’s such a great pattern!

House of Akong – Tiger sweatshirt

house of akong sweatshirt

This was the pattern test that I completed in July. The pattern is by none other than Nicole Akong of Great British Sewing Bee fame and is based on her tiger sweatshirts that she wore during the show. It’s called the Tiger sweatshirt as the idea if you applique a tiger face to the front of it like the ones she wore. I didn’t do that as I was just pattern testing the sweatshirt itself. In honour of Nicole’s style, I used my navy sparkly sweatshirt fleece that I got last year from Like Sew Amazing and I used a plain black ribbing for the neckband and cuffs.

Paper Theory – Kabuki Tee

kabuki tee

Next up, was the Kabuki tee by Paper Theory in my beloved yellow and navy leopard print viscose twill. I got the fabric from Lamazi fabrics and it is by Mind the Maker. If you follow me on Instagram or have seen my YouTube video for July makes, you will know that this wasn’t entirely successful. I made a few mistakes along the way and at first, I thought it was unwearable. On reflection and after wearing it for a day, I’ve decided it is wearable, just not my best sewing! It’s bloody comfy to wear though. I would like to make another at some point to decide if it’s me or the pattern.

Paper Theory – Miller Trousers


Deciding to make these trousers again in a black version was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I wanted a casual pair to wear out in public so made them in a linen look viscose from Minerva. These are seriously comfy, definite secret pyjamas! They’re simple to make and go with everything!

Friday Pattern Company – Sagebrush top

sagebrush top 3

Yes I’m obsessed! My final make of the month was a gingham version of the Sagebrush top. This is my third version and have plans for a 4th and 5th! I used a blue gingham I got from Sew Me Sunshine and love this version. I’ve wanted a gingham version for a while and am very pleased to add this to my wardrobe!

What am I going to make in August?

I have some serious sewing plans for the month of August. I’m fully taking advantage of time off work! In fact, I’ve already made one and a half of these items!

Here’s some of my plans…

Friday Pattern Company – Wilder Top

wilder gown

I love my Wilder Gown but it doesn’t get as much wear as it deserves and I think that’s because flowy dresses aren’t my usual style. I do, however, love the neckline on it and am in need of some smart-ish tops. So, I’ve had the wonderful idea of making the top version of the Wilder Gown and I’m going to use a lovely blue leopard print viscose from Material Girl Laura. I think that will get lots of wear.

Helen’s Closet – Gilbert Shirt


I have liked the look of this pattern since it was recently released and am part way through making my first version. I’ve gone for the tie front version but I’m sure I will try the longer version at some point as well. I love the relaxed look of this top and that although it’s cropped, it doesn’t look too cropped. I’m using my golden leopard print viscose twill. Again, it’s a Mind the Maker fabric but I can’t remember whether I got it from Lamazi Fabrics or Sister Mintaka! I’ve had this fabric for a while and couldn’t decide what to make with it as I love it so much and I was inspired to make the Gilbert Shirt.

Megan Nielsen – Opal pants

opal pants

I have been looking for a trouser pattern with a paperbag waist for ages and then Megan Nielsen goes and releases exactly what I was wanting! I love the look of view A and am keen to make these towards the end of September, ready for going back to work. I have a grey twill fabric I got from The New Craft House to make them in. Fingers crossed they fit well!

Sew Over It – Sorrento Jacket


Ever since they released their latest ebook – Summer Dreaming – I have been wanting to sew everything in it! I also have plans to make the Alba skirt and Ravello dress from it but am very keen to tackle the Sorrento jacket. I’ve never made a denim jacket before and think this will definitely up my skills. I’ve bought a denim from Sew Me Sunshine but I don’t like the colour of it now it’s arrived. I’m still going to use it and treat my first version as a practise, then I want to get every colour denim and make more!

These are my main plans, but as usual, I have plenty more that I may squeeze in or my plans could change. I have so many other items that I want to make… the ones above are just the ones at the top of my list!

Other tentative plans include:

  •  Alba skirt by Sew Over It
  •  Ravello dress by Sew Over It
  •  Sagebrush top (no 4)
  •  Peppermint wrap top (free pattern from Peppermint magazine)
  •  Hannah dress by By Hand London
  •  Alexa jumpsuit by Tilly & the Buttons
  •  Tabitha Tshirt & dress by Tilly & the Buttons
  •  Myosotis dress by Deer & does

Plus I’m planning on making two coats in the near future! I think I’ve got plenty to keep me going!

What are you sewing in August?

I’ve set up a YouTube channel!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post today to let you know my exciting news… I’ve started a YouTube channel!!

youtube header

I’ve been thinking about setting up a YouTube channel for at least a year and have finally plucked up the courage to do it! So far, I only have one video up but I plan on making more in the near future. My first video is Fabric Haul and I have quite a few pieces of gorgeous fabric to share with you! Follow the link here!

Fabric haul

Please go and have a watch. Feel free to like, comment and subscribe! I’d love to chat to you all.

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet on here recently. Works been mega busy and I’m so tired when I get home that there hasn’t been much sewing happening! However, it is summer holidays very soon so I hope to get lots of sewing, blogging and vlogging done!


My June makes and July plans

Hellllooo! It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Going back to work full time has impacted my sewing and it’s been a bit hectic so I’ve not really felt like sewing much . The beginning of June was quite productive but then the last couple of weeks I’ve done no sewing! I’m looking forward to the summer holidays in a few weeks time where I’m hoping to get lots of sewing done! As usual, I have lots of plans!

Here’s a look at what I completed in June.

Tilly & the Buttons – Tabitha Tshirt dress

tabitha tshirt dress

I managed to complete this! Yay! I made it in a black based floral jersey that I got from Material Girl Laura. I absolutely love this fabric and have a Tabitha T-shirt in the same fabric. I like the dress but it doesn’t fit me exactly right. I plan on making a couple of adjustments to the pattern and then having a go at making it again. Once I’ve nailed the fit, I think I will get lots of wear out of it!

Friday Pattern Co- Sagebrush Top

Sagebrush top wearing

I think this is my new favourite pattern! I love it so much! In fact, I love it so much, I’ve almost finished my second one! The one I’ve completed is in a blue cotton dobby from Felicity Fabrics. I’ve also almost finished one in a cream double gauze with gold dots. It’s so beautiful. Seriously, this is a great pattern! I’m planning a gingham one next and I also want to hack it into a dress!

Named Clothing – Saraste Blouse

saraste top

This was a project that I started around a year ago and have never completed! At the time, my sewing machine wouldn’t do button holes and I made a right mess of the armhole binding! Fast forward a year, I unpicked the binding and re-attached it properly. I also decided to put snaps on it instead of buttons because I thought the colours looked better! It’s great! I’m so pleased I took the time to finish it properly!

Paper Theory – Olya Shirt

I’d sewn most of this last month, I just needed to do buttons and button holes and I’m glad to report that they all got done! The shirt is now complete. Photos coming soon!


Onto my plans for July…

First of all, I plan on finishing my Sagebrush Top in double gauze and I may even make my gingham version as well!

I’ve also started a pair of Flint pants by Megan Nielsen but the waistband isn’t working out as it should for me so I’ve put them to one side. I may pick them back up soon!

Paper Theory – Kabuki Tee


I bought the Kabuki Tee pattern during the Sewing Weekender with the discount code and I have 2m of the new Mind the Maker Urban Leo viscose twill in the yellow and navy colour way. I think that would make a fab Kabuki Tee!

Paper Theory – Miller Trousers

miller trousers

It’s another month of love for Paper Theory patterns! I want a pair of Miller trousers that I can wear out in public and to work as they are super comfy! I’m going to make a pair in black linen viscose as they will go with so many different tops!

That’s all I have for firm plans but I still have lots of other options that are calling out to me and I may make. These include:

  •  The Avid Seamstress – Sheath Dress
  •  The Avid Seamstress – Sun Dress
  •  Tilly & the Buttons – Alexa Jumpsuit
  •  Sew Over It – Alba Skirt
  •  Deer & Doe – Myosotis Dress
  •  Friday Pattern Company – Wilder Top
  •  Friday Pattern Company – Sagebrush dress
  •  Tilly & the Buttons – Tabitha TShirt and Dress

As usual, these plans could completely change! I’m already so tempted by Helen’s Closet’s latest pattern!

Forget Me Not – Lola dress

I’m still slowly making my way through my 2020 makes and today is the turn of the Lola dress by Forget Me Not patterns. I was part of the tester group for this pattern so received the pattern for free. However, all thoughts are my own and I was not required to review it or post about it.

Forget Me Not patterns are run by Jo and is a relatively new pattern company. They regularly put out tester calls for new patterns and I really enjoyed testing this pattern. Since this release, they’ve released another pattern and have just put a call out for testers for their next pattern. If you’re interested in pattern testing then please look out for their next callout. It was an enjoyable and simple process.

lola line drawing

Line drawing from Forget Me Not’s website

The pattern is simple in shape and can be made either as a dress or a top. There are two options – one has a ruffle along the back and the other has a box pleat in the centre back. I opted for the box pleat version but I am tempted to make a top version with the ruffle as it’s super cute. I also chose to make the dress version as I loved the simplicity of the shape but with the tie for the nipped in waist. You can also choose between two neckline shapes and three different bust sizes. I sewed up the boat neck and middle bust size and the fit is good. I’m usually a D cup in high street bras. I love that there’s so many options with one pattern. You could make several versions and each be slightly different!

The pattern was very informative and really holds your hand. It includes relevant terminology and step by step guides to particularly tricky parts. The pattern includes lots of really nice details that (in my opinion) take it a step above a bog standard shift shape pattern. I really like that it has a yoke at the back and uses double fold hem to finish. The dress itself is rather simplistic as there are no fastenings or closures. It has bust darts for shaping and is slightly A-line in shape. It says it is aimed at intermediate sewists but I think an experienced beginner would be fine with this due to the simplicity of it. As a more experienced sewist, I did appreciate the details included that make this a more interesting make. Another thing I appreciated on Forget Me Not patterns is that the seam allowance for each part is included for each step as you progress through the pattern.

lola sneak peek

This pattern can be made in pretty much any woven fabric. Different fabrics will have a different effect on the end result. I chose a viscose as I wanted a drapier effect for a more floaty summer dress. I used a beautiful brightly coloured leopard print viscose fabric. The simplicity of the dress allowed the leopard print to stand out without detracting from the impact of the print. It was lovely to sew with and I think makes a great summer dress.

The construction is quite simple but has nice details to add a bit of complexity to it. You only really need to be able to sew straight lines and make darts. It’s a great summery pattern. I made a size 40 with no alterations based on the finished garment measurements and I really like the fit. It’s a flattering leg length and I love the boat neck finish.

I really enjoyed making this pattern and the instructions are some of the best I’ve seen for a while. I love the fabric I used and think it makes a great summer dress!

lola dresslola dress 2

lola dress back

Back detail

Me Made May 2020 round up

Another Me Made May has been and gone. It was a strange one this year due to the situation. I spent nearly the whole month indoors, barely even getting dressed a lot of the time. I went to work a grand total of 4 days and didn’t see anyone else other than my fiancé.

I pledged to wear something me-made everyday. I did this almost every day. I had a couple of days where I didn’t get dressed and then towards the end of the month it was really hot and I didn’t have anything to wear! You can read my weekly posts for week 1, week 2 and week 3!

Here’s what I wore…

Some items got worn multiple times such as the Miller Trousers by Paper Theory, Nora Tees, Bertha Cardigan, Safiya trousers and Tabitha Tee (all by Tilly) and may not have been photographed each time!

What did I learn?

I wear a LOT of Tilly and the Buttons patterns!!

I also learnt that I definitely go for comfort!

Also, I have very few me-made summer clothes that fit and I lack cohesive outfits.

I have more tops than skirts and trousers.

What am I going to do now?

I plan on making lots of summer clothes! I’ve been ordering lots of fabric during lockdown so have quite a few plans. I’ve written about my summer sewing plans here.

I also want to make a few pairs of trousers that will go with lots of my tops. These include:

  • Megan Nielsen Flint pants
  • Closet Case Patterns Pietra Pants
  • Paper Theory Miller Trousers (again)
  • Sew Over It Carrie Trousers
  • Possibly either Helen’s Closet Winslow Cullottes or Named Clothings Ninni Cullottes
  • Lenaline Patterns Viktor Trousers
  • Simplicity 8698

These are all loose plans at the moment but I’m definitely planning on adding more bottoms to my wardrobe.

I also want to try and plan capsule wardrobes or collections so I can make outfits with what I sew. I have a habit of buying pretty fabric as and when I see it but none of them really go together. I need to plan out individual items and co-ordinating fabrics. Maybe I could challenge myself to work through one of Sew Over It’s capsule wardrobe ebooks to make a cohesive collection? Or one of Tilly’s books? I need to dig out my copy of The Curated Closet and have a read as well.

curated closet

How was Me Made May for you?