Nina Lee – Moselle Dress

I made the Nina Lee Moselle ruffle dress at the end of March in preparation for my holiday at Easter to Gran Canaria. This was a bit of a last minute make. I’ve loved the Moselle top and dress pattern since it was released last year but, as usual, hadn’t got around to making it.

Fast forward to March this year and I decided I wanted one for my holiday. It’s such a simple, on trend dress design that is perfect for hot weather. I bought the pattern (for the bargain price of £2.00) and went in search of fabric.


I knew I wanted a cotton or linen fabric and then I spotted a cute heart print chambray on Fabric Godmother’s website. A perfect match! I snapped up 2m of it and couldn’t wait to get started.

It’s a fairly simple make. It only has 2 pattern pieces – a bodice piece (as the front and back are the same) and the ruffle. There are no fastenings either. The dress is held up by the elasticated ruffle. You sew the ruffle to the dress between the notches and create an elastic chamber. Then you thread your elastic through before sewing it up. Obviously, it’s a good idea to check the fit and tightness (I can’t think of a better word) of the elastic before sewing it in place.

I bias bound my armholes, which I’d never done before but it gave a nice finish. Also, I couldn’t be bothered to hem the ruffle as it’s too fiddly so I just overlocked the edge which adds a nice feature. I did the same to the skirt but that was because I thought it would be too short if I turned it up for a hem. If I make another, I will add a little bit more length.

moselle dress

All in all, it’s a great summer dress which I think will get a lot of wear. It’s simple to make and I’d like to make more when the weather gets warmer.

Pattern Review

Name: Moselle ruffle top and dress
Company: Nina Lee
Description: The Moselle Top and Dress features a fabulously flamboyant off-the-shoulder ruffle – perfect for sorting out any unfortunate tan lines! The pattern comes with 3 variations: a crop top, a short top that finishes with an elasticated waist, and a dress.
Printed of PDF: PDF only
Sizing: Sizes 6 – 20. I made a 14.
Alterations: None
Fabric: Heart print chambray from Fabric Godmother
Difficulty rating: This pattern is designed to be beginner friendly. The hardest part is using bias binding on the arm scythes or attaching the elastic and chamber.
Difficulties encountered: None
Time taken: A couple of hours
Recommend: Yes. It’s a great simple dress and top. Perfect for warm weather!
What would I change: Add a little bit of length to the bodice
My favourite thing: The super cute ruffle.

moselle dress wear

Another fabric haul

After telling myself that I’m not going to buy any more fabric until I’ve used at least half my stash up, I’ve gone and bought more fabric! Eeek! I think I have a problem!! I just can’t help myself!

I’ve recently bought a few bits from several online retailers. Some I have a project in mind for the fabric, others I have no idea what to make!!


It started when I saw that Like Sew Amazing had a lovely lilac lining fabric that would be perfect for my lilac blazer. I couldn’t just buy some lining fabric, so I also bought some pink and cream leopard print jersey that I’d been eyeing up for a while. I cannot resist leopard print! I’m not sure what to make with the jersey. Initially I thought another Freya top, then I thought maybe I might try the Stellan Tshirt from French Navy Now or the Ruska Tshirt from Named’s book Breaking the Pattern or even AK Pattern’s new Suzy dress. I don’t know if it’s a bit much for a dress though. I have 2 metres so I could potentially make 2 Tshirts if I’m clever with my cutting out.

My next purchase was from Fabric Godmother. I bought 2m of khaki French Terry. Originally, my plan was to make the Ruska Knot front dress from Named’s book but now I’m thinking about making the Stella jogging bottoms from Tilly’s book Stretch. I also bought a Me Made May pin as well because I didn’t want to miss out and some of the money goes to charity.

animal print fabric

A few days later, I saw on Instagram that Pin & Sew had a leopard print French terry. As you know, I cannot resist anything leopard print so I had to buy 2m of it. I’m not sure what to make. I’m thinking a sweatshirt such as my beloved Chloe sweatshirt by Rosy Pena Patterns or possibly trying a new sweatshirt pattern. I might buy a cute cuff rib to use as well for extra detail.

material girl laura fabrics

Then I visited Material Girl Laura’s website last week when I was writing my blog post about my Freya top. Oh my goodness! She has the best selection of fabric at the moment! There was so many that I wanted to buy. I managed to restrain myself and just buy two. They were the Lady McElroy artistic vibrance cotton lawn and Sparkle Kisses French Terry.

The cotton lawn is very popular at the moment and I was inspired to get some after seeing Emma’s (The Zipperfoot) pussybow blouse that she made in this fabric. I plan on making the Saraste frill blouse from Named’s book with it. I think that will be lovely for summer.

The Sparkle Kisses is amazingly soft and cosy. I love it so much! I’m thinking of making either another Nora top but without the high neck and all one length or maybe a Southbank sweater or sweater dress. Again, I have 2m so I have options! I can’t wait to make something super cosy with it.

If you have any ideas for what I could make with these fabrics please comment or let me know!

At the moment I’m making my lilac blazer. It’s going well so far. I’ve sewn the main jacket together and am in the process of putting the lining together. I can’t wait for this to ready for me to wear!! After that, I plan on making my Palisade Pants. I’ve made 2 toiles of these so hopefully the fit will be good. I also have the Panda cotton lawn cotton lawn cut out for a Kalle Shirt so I’ve got a very busy few months ahead of me getting everything sewn up!

Then I can buy more fabric!

Tilly & the Buttons – Freya top

The third of the trio of jersey tops that I made earlier this year was the Freya top from Tilly & the Buttons. This is one of the patterns in her second book, Stretch, and I think it’s also the third pattern I’ve made from the book.

This pattern has been really popular online and I’ve seen so many versions on my Instagram feed. It also has the option to be made as a dress with a pleat around the chest and neck area which I may try at some point.

freya top

As you may know, I’ve been making lots of basic, everyday items (ie jersey tops!) lately and I’ve been enjoying trying lots of different Tshirt patterns. I decided to make this over the Paola turtleneck tee by Named Patterns as 1) it’s a new to me pattern, 2) I wanted to see how the fit compared and 3) the neck is a short or a mock turtleneck on Freya, compared to a full on turn down turtleneck on Paola.

In my opinion, Freya is a closer fit than the Paola. In my head, Freya is more Tshirt, whereas Paola is more of a jumper. Maybe I need to make Paola in a lightweight jersey now to compare!

freya neck

Freya was really easy to make. Having made a few different Tshirts lately, there was nothing new or groundbreaking with it’s construction. If you have sewn with jersey before, then this will be a good pattern to tackle. If you are an experienced sewist, you can knock one of these up within an hour. It was a simple, straightforward make and I liked that there were options for the neck and sleeve length. I went with the higher neck and 3/4 length sleeves. For some reason, I really like 3/4 length sleeves. I often end up rolling my sleeves up so they are off my wrists and I always think they’re more versatile for the ever changing British weather!

The fabric I used was an amazing blue leopard print cotton jersey from Materal Girl Laura. I fell in love with the colour as soon as I saw it and knew I had to have some. Bright blue + leopard print = Emily’s kind of fabric. The only thing missing was sparkle! I initially wasn’t sure what to make but decided to try Freya. I’d seen so many and read lots of positive reviews about it that I had to give it a try. And Tilly always gives such brilliant, clear instructions that I thought it’d be a good make.
Freya fabric

At the time of writing, Material Girl Laura has a 1.4m remnant left which you could squeeze a Freya (or another top) out of. In fact, she has an amazing range of fabrics available! I’ve just gone on to check whether there’s any of the Freya fabric left, and I’ve spotted at least 5 other fabrics that I want to buy!

Overall, Freya is a great pattern that will get a lot of wear. I can see me making more in the future, just not yet because I want to make something different! I feel all jersey tshirted out!

freya york

Pattern Review

Name: Freya Sweater & Dress

Company: Tilly & the Buttons

Description: Cosy up in this close-fitting sweater or A-line dress with contemporary mock neckline.

Printed or PDF: Available with Tilly’s book Stretch.

Sizing: Tilly uses her own sizing system 1-8 which I think is roughly UK 6 – 20. I made a 5 which is my usual Tilly size and equivalent to a UK 14.

Alterations: None

Fabric: A lovely bright blue leopard print cotton jersey from Material Girl Laura.

Difficulty Rating: I’d say confident beginner

Difficulties encountered: None

Time Taken: 1-2 hours

Recommend: Yes!

What would I change: Nothing

My favourite thing: The choice of sleeve lengths and the colour of the fabric.

freya wearIMG_1010IMG_1003IMG_1007

My Me Made May 2019 pledge

Next week marks the start of May and with that starts one of my favourite sewing challenges. Me Made May is run by Zoe of So, Zo… what do you know? blog and the idea is you pledge to wear a certain amount of me made clothes/accessories or make your own things during the month of May. Participants set their own challenge and it’s a really good way of identifying gaps in your wardrobe, working out your personal style and improving your relationship with handmade clothes. This year is the 10th year Me Made May has been running and I think it’s the 3rd or 4th year that I have taken part.  Go check out Zoe’s blog for more information and to sign up.


So here goes my pledge…

‘I, Emily, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2019. I endeavour to wear at least one memade item every day during May 2019. I also plan to have more fun with sewing, colours, patterns and prints.’

I’m super excited because this is the first time I’ve pledged to wear memade every day! It has taken me 4 or 5 years of sewing to be in a place where I can realistically wear me made clothes every day. This is down to various factors… weight gain in the last few years so not everything fits, I’ve got better at sewing so I wear most things that I’ve made recently, making more clothes that I actually wear and fit my lifestyle.

I’m looking forward to seeing what gaps I have in my handmade wardrobe, although I anticipate that trousers and skirts will be one! A year or two ago, I realised I had very few memade basics so I’ve spent a lot of time making those and feel I have plenty now such as 2 Noras, an Agnes, a Molly top and dress, a Freya top, 2 Frankie Tees and an Edie top among many others!

I also use this time as an opportunity to go through my wardrobe and rediscover all the handmade items I have and look for chances to wear them. I’ll put photos below of all the memade items I have that I wear and/or still fit me.


Are you taking part? What is your pledge?

April and May sewing plans

Can you believe we are already half way through April?? 2019 is flying by! I can’t believe we are already into spring, although I wish the weather would warm up a bit!

I’ve just got back from a lovely holiday in Gran Canaria, where it was lovely and hot every day and I’m well into planning my spring and summer makes! As usual, there are soooo many things I want to make and I am constantly finding new inspiration from other sewists, bloggers, vlogs, Instagram as well as new patterns being released constantly (it feels like!)

Here are some of my more immediate plans that I hope to make in April and May.

Frankie Tee by Tilly & the Buttons

I seem to be on a jersey Tshirt binge at the moment, having recently made the Agnes Tee, the Freya tee, the Edie tee, the Molly top and another Frankie Tee. I thought I was all jerseyed out until Cheryl at Stitchy Bee posted some leopard print jersey (and I’m a sucker for anything leopard print). Then this months sewing patterns and prints challenge run by Sewn on the Tyne, Purple Sewing Cloud and Voice of a Creative on Instagram, was announced to be animal print, it was like the stars had aligned. I knew I needed to make one more jersey top! I used jersey from Stitchy Bee for my last Frankie Tee and it was lovely quality. I was really pleased with it so I plan on making another. This will have leopard print bodice pieces and I’m going to use plain black jersey for the sleeves.

frankie frankie two fabric

Papercut Patterns Palisade Pants

I’m very excited but slightly nervous to make the Palisade pants by Papercut Patterns. These were part of Papercut’s latest collection of patterns and I’ve seen quite a few versions already online. I think they will be amazing if they fit well and I think I will get a lot of wear out of them. I’ve bought some absolutely gorgeous Khaki Tencel sanded twill from Sister Mintaka. It definitely wasn’t cheap, although I did buy it when there was a discount on, but you can just feel the quality. It is buttery soft and just gorgeous! Because my fabric was expensive and I’m terrified of ruining it, I am going to make a toile first! I never do this but I’m making an exception on this occasion! This will be my first time using a Papercut Pattern and I’m looking forward to using another pattern company!

palisade pants

Lilac blazer

Lilac is one of my favourite colours and I’m loving the lilac trend at the moment. Because of this, I had a sudden urge for a lilac suit! I was drifting off to sleep when inspiration hit and I just desperately needed a lilac suit. In the morning, I was still craving the suit but I thought about more rationally and decided I am unlikely to wear lilac trousers (I could change my mind on this though) but I think I would wear a lilac blazer! I googled lilac crepe as I wanted a crepe blazer and found some at Fabrics Galore so bought that immediately. I’ve also got two potential patterns. One is the Nina Lee Richmond blazer, the other is Mimi G for Simplicity 8749. I own both patterns and both are pretty similar styles, however, this is a video sewalong for the Mimi G pattern. I’m not sure my sewing skills are quite ready for a blazer but I desperately need a lilac blazer in my wardrobe! Also, if I do decide I need lilac trousers, I will make the Portobello trousers in the same lilac crepe!

Closet Case Patterns Kalle shirt

I’ve had a lovely Lady McElroy Panda cotton lawn in my stash for over a year now and just could not decide what to make with it! I’ve thought about PJs, a Bettine Dress and evening a dressing gown, however, I think a Kalle Shirt would be good. I’ve made the shirt dress before and I really enjoyed making it and I think it would be fun to use a panda print. I’m trying to have more fun with sewing by using fun prints and colours and making more interesting clothes than just basics! Basically, I want to bring #sewfrosting into my sewing all the time! So I’ve decided I’m going to make a Panda print Kalle shirt!

Closet Case Patterns Ginger jeans

I’ve had a jeans kit from Sewisfaction (currently sold out) for the Ginger jeans for ages and I’m just plucking up the courage to crack on with it. I was inspired by Emma from The Zipper Foot as she made a lovely pair. She’s only been sewing for about a year and made a fabulous pair. I figured if she can successfully make some then I should be able to! I think I’m going to borrow my friends machine that she never uses so I can then have one machine set up for sewing seams and another for topstitching. I think switching between threads and needles will get on my nerves. Wish me luck!

ginger jeans

As usual, this could all completely change as new patterns and fabrics are released! There’s so many things I want to make and I’m constantly inspired by all the amazing sewists out there as well as fashion trends and the high street! I’m off now to make a start on a few bits and I’ll report back soon!

Follow me on Instagram to see what I’m currently sewing and keep checking my blog to see the backlog of makes that I still need to share!

My March makes

March has been quite a good sewing month for me. I don’t know if it’s the warmer weather or the Great British Sewing Bee being back on TV that has inspired me but I’ve made 4 items and completed 2 UFOs!

Edie top complete

At the end of my January and February sewing round up, I was in the process of making Sew Over It’s Edie top in a metallic stripe jersey. That was my first completed make of the month and I love it. The neckline is my favourite feature. It’s so neat as well! Read my full blog post here.

freya top

My second completed make was another jersey top. This one was the Tilly & the Buttons Freya top in a gorgeous bright blue leopard print jersey. I’ve seen so many lovely Freya tops and dresses I knew it was only a matter of time before I made one. This was my third in a trio of jersey tops made recently and I’ve enjoyed trying different jersey tops. I love this top and am going to be blogging about it soon!


The next item I made was another Sew Over It Kimono for my holiday at Easter! This is the second time I’ve made this and I learnt from my mistakes. I used French seams this time and the finish is so much better. I thought this would be a flattering and useful piece of clothing to take away with me.

moselle dress

My final complete new make was technically finished in April but only just! This was also a make for my holiday and I’m so pleased with it. It’s the Nina Lee Moselle Dress and such a simple summer staple that I’d like to make more of. I used a chambray with metallic gold hearts on it. Again, I plan on blogging about it soon.

portobello trousers almost finished

The two UFOs that I’ve finally finished are my stripy Nina Lee Portobello Trousers and my flowery Sew Over It Libby Blouse. They’ve been on my UFO pile for at least 6 months and I’m pleased they’re finally completed. The trousers just needed hemming, that’s how lazy I am! The blouse had a few more steps to complete so needed more work but they’re now finished. Yay!

I’ve got sooooo many plans for April and with the Easter holidays this month, I’ve got some sewing time! Hopefully it’ll be as successful a month as March.

Sew Over It – Edie Top

This is the second of my trio of jersey tops that I’ve recently made and another of my Make Nine 2019. I think that’s now 4 out of 9 that I have completed!

Edie top complete

This top is from Lisa Comfort’s second Capsule Wardrobe ebook, titled Work to Weekend and it is the first pattern featured in it. I think it’s probably the easiest make in the book and the pattern gives both a top and a dress option. I went for the top.

I’d wanted to make this top since I first bought the book a couple of months ago as I love a slash neck or boat neck tee. Although I have lots of jersey tees, I don’t really have any with that neckline. That was the main attraction to the pattern for me. I was quite drawn to the Jennifer Lauren Gable top for the reason, but I’ve made the Edie top instead.

edie top and pattern

I actually bought the fabric before I’d decided what to make with it. I was having a mass fabric buying binge, and being a bit of a magpie, am always attracted to anything shiny. This fabric has metallic stripes running through it so I had to buy some for a Tshirt. I’m enjoying trying lots of different jersey tops and I’ve seen a couple more Tshirt patterns to try! The fabric was from Pin & Sew and I love the range of jersey fabrics that Aga offers.

Once I’d decided to make an Edie top from the metallic striped jersey, I couldn’t wait to get started! I ordered some neckline interfacing from Minerva as the pattern instructs. I’d never used this narrow interfacing before but it made the neckline incredibly neat! It was super easy to use and helps get a neat, flat neckline. It also makes the neckline easy to press!

edie neckline

The rest of the top was a simple construction. I think the instructions said to sew the side seams, then insert the sleeves, but I was a rebel and attached the sleeves, then sewed the sides and sleeves in one go. So much easier! I love that technique!

edie top wearing

I made a size 14, which is my usual Sew Over It pattern size and thought it was a good fit. Not too tight and relatively flattering for my stomach. I also thought the length was quite generous, which I was pleased about. Sometimes I find the length of the body to be a tiny bit too short but the Edie top was plenty long enough. As with my Agnes tee, I just tried the top on and decided where I wanted to hem it based on fit.

Another wardrobe staple which I will wear often and probably make a few more of in the future!