A review of 2019

As the year draws to a close, I like to look back and reflect on it. I like to look at my sewing as a whole for the year and think about plans for next year (#sewmuchbetter).

2019 was a year of practical, simple sews that mostly got a lot of wear. I made a lot of jersey tops but also sewed a few items that were slightly more challenging. I feel my sewing progressed quite a bit and towards the end of the year, I slowed down a bit and took a bit more care. I also started to adapt patterns to fit me and began hacking patterns.

In total, I made 27 items in 2019. Most I’ve blogged about, a couple I still haven’t completed, some I still need to blog about, a few I’ve not really mentioned. Here’s my list of what I made:

I also participated in Make Nine last year. I always enjoy choosing my patterns for Make Nine even though I’m not good at completing it. The problem with it is I choose 9 patterns that I want to make at the time but by March/April time I’ve changed my mind and lots of exciting, new patterns have been released.

Anyway, I made 5 out of 9 and have the patterns and fabric for the remaining four. I will be doing a Make Nine for 2020 but I’m going to be a bit vague with some patterns to give me a better chance of completing it.

My favourite makes of 2019 are probably my Hannah dress, my Ruska knot front dress and Nora tops – particularly my grey one. I haven’t disliked anything I’ve made though. I want to finish the Saraste blouse ready for the summer!

Overall, 2019 has been a good sewing year! I’m looking forward to sewing many things in 2020, using my stash and growing my me-made wardrobe.

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