About Me

Hi I’m Emily

Welcome to my humble blog that is chronicling my journey as I teach myself to sew!

Sewing is a relatively new hobby for me. I studied GCSE and A Level Textiles several years ago but haven’t touched a sewing machine since. For a long time at school I planned on becoming a fashion designer as I’ve always had an interest in sewing and designing clothes, I just never bothered with hobbies as a teenager! I also learnt that being good at art and having a strong portfolio is helpful to become a designer. I was never good at art so I never got round to studying fashion design. Instead I studied Fashion Buying at uni but this did not require any sewing at all and I now work full time in a totally unrelated field. I am pretty much starting from scratch with sewing (and blogging) so please be prepared for many disasters and hopefully some success!

My decision to take up sewing more seriously stemmed from reading many sewing blogs (I had no idea there were so many fabulous sewists out there) and watching The Great British Sewing Bee. I love that show! After being inspired by the fantastic designs and clothes being created (and swooning over Patrick), I thought ‘I want to do that!’. In 2014 and after much deliberation, I finally purchased my first ever sewing machine and the rest is history!

I decided to set up a blog so I could see my progress and track what I make. I thought it would be fun and interesting to have a blog as a digital journal of my progression. I’m rubbish at writing pen to paper, I like to edit, delete and change! It also stops me from buying and storing a gazillion notebooks!

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any advice or tips to share, please leave me a comment! Any help is greatly received! I’d love to hear from anyone who’s into sewing! 🙂

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hayley Margaret says:

    Hello! I can’t believe I only just stumbled across your blog! Looks like we have a lot in common re: chronicling our sewing education! (Mine are sometimes more of a disaster, don’t know about you!) Can’t wait to have a little stalk (totally non-creepy) around your blog and see your lovely creations! 🙂


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