I’ve finally finished Georgia! Yay!

The Georgia dress pattern from By Hand London has been a pattern I’ve been coveting since I first bought my sewing machine about a year ago! I’ve finally plucked up the courage to make her!

georgia 1

I decided to make her in black stretch cotton because it’s easy to work with and it could be a little black dress. I’ve treated this attempt as a wearable muslin. I think I’m going to take the side seams of the skirt part in an inch as its slightly too big. The dress is supposed to be fitted, which the skirt isn’t at present.

The pattern is my second by By Hand London. (The first being Charlotte skirt). I really like their patterns. Simple instructions and diagrams included. I also used the Georgia sew a long on their website as it had loads more helpful hints! I wish I’d used it more carefully when it came to sewing the bodice to the skirt. There’s a point in the centre front skirt which should be flat, I didn’t quite understand the instructions so mines a bit gathered! Oops!

I love their patterns so much that I’ve ordered their Kim dress and Anna dress. I have a few summer dress ideas lined up for them!

Georgia is rated as an intermediate pattern. I agree that it’s harder than Charlotte, but it wasn’t actually too difficult. My skills must slowly be growing! (Just ignore the gathered centre point and too big skirt!)

georgia bodice

Unlined bodice

As I’ve said before, accuracy isn’t my strength and this was something I am working on so I drew around each pattern piece in tailors chalk before cutting it out. This has definitely helped! All the pieces match up (almost) perfectly and the fit is good. (Apart from the skirt being too big but I kinda knew I should’ve graded from the hips downwards, down a size, I just didn’t!) One thing I was pleased about is that I have no tucks or gathers in the seams.

georgia bodice lined

Lined bodice

The bodice was easy to sew. I labelled all my pieces on the wrong side in case I got confused! I recommend this! I also labelled the lining pieces as well! I lined the bodice with the same fabric. As I made the skinny strap version, I had to turn the straps through. Grrrrrrr! I HATE this!! Takes far too much time!

The skirt also went together easily. I had to take apart the front skirt as I’d sewn the side pieces to the wrong side so the side seams weren’t matching, but this was easily fixable.

georgia bodice pinned

Skirt & bodice pinned together

Once I’d sewn the bodice and skirt, I had to attach them together. This is where I made my only real mistake. I didn’t leave 5/8 free when I sewed the bodice front pieces together, so I was unable to attach to the point neatly! After reading the sew a long a few times, it makes perfect sense so I shall perfect it next time!

georgia dress 1

Sewn together

Then came my biggest challenge! The invisible zipper! Without an invisible zip foot! I used an online tutorial to show me how to do this with a regular zip foot so I made a decent attempt at it for my first time. One side of the stitching is definitely better than the other! It’s not quite invisible, but under the circumstances I’m pretty pleased with it. Also, it’s an underarm zip so it’s not on show so much.

georgia zip

The ‘not very’ invisible zip

The final stages were handstitching (eeek) the lining and hem. I attempted a slipstitch by myself. It still needs practise! For the hem, I experimented with my blind hemming foot on my machine. Definitely easier than hand sewing but I obviously did something wrong as you can see the stitches! It’s neat so I’m not too upset! And it’s a wearable muslin!

georgia lining pinned

Lining pinned in

So that’s my first Georgia journey!

Mistakes made:

  • Not sewing centre front point accurately
  • Hand sewing not very neat
  • Invisible zip not very invisible
  • Skirt needs to be a size smaller
  • Sewing skirt pieces to wrong sides!
  • Hem stitches are visible

Not bad for me!

georgia finished


What do I make next? Any suggestions for my next Georgia?

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