Spring/ Summer Sewing Plans!

Hi all!

I’ve not posted for ages it feels like! I’ve been busy working on my Georgia dress. She’s almost ready! Just need to hand stitch the lining and hem. I’ll blog about it when she’s finished.

This weekend I’ve also been busy compiling ideas for what I want to make for spring/summer. I’m trying to create clothes that I will get wear out of. For inspiration, I’ve looked at what other bloggers have been sewing as well as scouring catwalk pictures and magazines. I’ve also spent many hours researching different fabrics and prints. I so wish I could do this full time!!!!

sewing plans


To help with my ideas, I’ve bought a Fashionary book! OMG! Where has this been all my life? It’s the best thing ever! If you’ve never heard of it, Fashionary is basically a sketchbook with body templates in for you to design/ sketch clothes on. Mines a limited edition Alexander McQueen print cover from the V&A shop. I love it!

sewing plans fashionary


sewing plans drawings

Excuse my rubbish drawings!!

I’ve been looking at patterns available and catwalk shows for inspiration then making a note of potential, suitable fabrics to use. I’ve been trying hard to look at a variety of websites for fabrics and making sure they are suitable for the garment!

So far my ‘Spring/Summer to sew’ list is:

  • A flower print Francoise
  • A polka dot Francoise
  • A couple of Byhandlondon’s Anna dresses
  • The casual trousers from GBSB book
  • A variety of ByHandLondon Kim dresses
  • A couple more Delphine Skirts
  • A Megan dress
  • A jumpsuit from GBSB book
  • A pair of capri pants from GBSB book

Anna (image from Byhandlondon website)


Kim dress (image from Byhandlondon website)

So far I’ve ordered fabric for the floral Francoise and a paisley viscose for the casual trousers. I’ve also seen a gorgeous orange viscose for an Anna dress and a spotty poplin for Francoise, as well as many floral cottons for Kim and a whole colour range of crepe’s for Megan! So many ideas! Sew little time!!

I’m so glad to finally be getting round to making a (hopefully successful) Francoise dress! The fabric is a stretch cotton so I’m debating whether or not to make the version with sleeves?

Where do you get sewing inspiration from? What are you planning to make for summer?

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