GBSB thoughts & what I’m currently making

*Warning! contains spoilers about final of Great British Sewing Bee!*

Hi everyone!

Have you enjoyed this series of Great British Sewing Bee? I’ve loved it! As you may know, it’s this program that inspired me to buy my sewing machine and take up sewing as a hobby!

I think this series has been the toughest yet. The challenges just seem to get harder and harder! I know I would’ve struggled with the Japanese asymmetrical dress! I thought it was so kind of Matt and Neil to help Lorna with it. They could’ve easily let her struggle so she didn’t do well on it, but they showed how friendly they’ve all become and really helped each other out.

I’ve got to say…. WTF was Neil thinking with his skanklets?? Really?? They’re not something I’d wear!

I’ve loved so many garments from this series…. the lace pencil skirts, the leather jackets, the final challenge! Really inspired me to branch out and try new fabrics and patterns! I’ve got the book ready to crack on and I’m already eyeing up the jumpsuit and both the hacks of it, as well as the lace pencil skirt and capri trousers!

Personally, I would’ve made Lorna or Neil the winner. Neil has made some fabulous pieces and won a lot of the challenges, and Lorna has been consistently good throughout the whole contest. Matt only really pulled it out the bag in the final. I think it helped that he was making a dress for his wife, who he sews for a lot so is used to her shape and measurements. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a bad sewist but if I were judging it, I would consider the whole series for the final.

As I’ve been super inspired by sewing bee, I’ve been working on By Hand London’s Georgia dress. I’m making it in black stretch cotton because it’s easy to sew and will make a fab little black dress. I’ve also used it so I can work on the fit and then make it in something more daring (and expensive) when I’ve perfected it. I’m very excited about it! The Georgia dress is a pattern I’ve coveted since I first started sewing!

georgia bodice lined


It’s already stressed me out as I sewed the straps on, then realised they needed to face downwards so I can turn the lining through. I’ll include a more detailed post when it’s all completed.

What did you think to the sewing bee? Who deserved to win?

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