I made knickers

Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been quiet lately. I’ve been busy with work and holidays so I’ve hardly had any time to sew! This weekend, I remedied that by making knickers!!

The pattern is in issue 10 of Love Sewing Magazine and I think it’s taken from The Secrets of Sewing Lingerie by Katherine Sheers and Laura Stanford. I’m considering buying this book so if anyone can tell me if its any good, I’d really appreciate it!

I made a size 14, based on the measurements given (even though I’m usually a 10 or 12) and the fit was pretty much perfect.

The fabric was just some cotton that I think I got from Dunelm Mill to make bunting with but never got round to it. I think it was about £5 a metre. To be honest, I was expecting these to be a disaster so I was using scraps up, treating it as a practise! For the gusset, I cut up an old top I had!

knickers 1

Gusset and side seams sewn. I used a french seam for the first time since school!

I thought some of the instructions weren’t too clear and I had to read them a few times before they made sense. They may be clearer to a more experienced sewist! I would have also liked a few more diagrams to illustrate what to do as some of the instructions weren’t clear. However, I figured it out without any major disasters and they turned out ok!

Once I’d figured out what to do, they weren’t too difficult to complete. I took my time with folding over the seam allowance on the waist and legs as accuracy is something I need to improve on. I figured accuracy is even more important on a garment so small! I used my hem gauge!

Pinning and hand tacking the seam allowance took an age!! So. Many. Pins! But I was determined to do it properly. I’m very glad I did!

knickers 2

Tacked all seams neatly…

The elastic could have been a bit straighter and I could have possibly spread the tension in the elastic slightly more evenly, but they are wearable and fit me!

knickers 3

The finished product!

I can see me making a few more of these!

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