Charlotte Skirt

I’ve finallllllllly finished her. Well, nearly!

I just need to hand sew a hook and eye onto the waistband flap, then she’s complete. Handsewing is definitely not my strength, especially for fiddly things so I’ll be taking her to the mother for the final finishing touch.

It’s taken me far too long to make because, basically, I’ve been at work. And work’s a bitch!

charlotte 1

Complete skirt – rubbish hem!

The Charlotte skirt was one of the first patterns I found when I started getting interested in sewing so I was really keen to sew her.

My original plan was to sew a ruffle on the bottom, in fact that was what attracted me to the pattern in the first place! But it sounded a bit complicated, having to sew two rows of gather stitches at the same time so I decided to just make a plain pencil skirt.


Charlotte pattern

Constructing the skirt wasn’t too difficult. It involved darts, zip, hemming and waistband. These are all things I’ve done before. I used a normal zip, rather than an invisible zip because I still don’t have an invisible zip foot. I think I’m going to have to master sewing in an invisible zip with a normal zip foot! I also didn’t sew the waistband in correctly. I was incredibly lazy and just stitched the waistband to the skirt. No folding over and blindstitching!

I’m fully aware that it’s little details like sewing the waistband correctly and ensuring my hem is even the whole way round that will improve the quality of my clothes. Next project I’m definitely striving for greater accuracy!

The waist fits well and you can make the length any size you want. Also, on the Charlotte sewalong there are instructions for making a back split and adding lining if you want to add these. I made a size 14 even though I’m not a size 14 in shop bought clothes.

I used a charcoal and silvery brocade which is gorgeous but really doesn’t photograph well! It was a bargain at £2 per metre from ebay! I apologise now for the rubbish pictures. When it’s fully completed, I’ll have to get pics of me in it.

charlotte 2

Part way through construction

When I make it again I intend to use maybe a stretch cotton, use an invisible zip, add a ruffle, measure the hem accurately, add the waistband correctly and even maybe add lining, just for the experience!

Now, what to make next!?

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