Papercut Patterns – Adrift Dress

Ahoy there!

A while ago I had the urge to make a pretty dress. So I made a pretty dress!

adrift dress

Adrift dress from Papercut Patterns website

I decided I wanted to make the Adrift dress by Papercut Patterns. I’ve liked the look of this dress since it was released a few years ago and I’ve had it in my pattern stash for about a year. It has a loose fitting top, drawstring waist, faux wrap style skirt and frill. A perfect, cute summer dress! The pattern also gives you the option for making a skirt as well.

adrift dress fabric

The fabric I decided to use was a gorgeous blue and red mini leopard print fabric. It’s a Mind the Maker viscose twill that I bought from Lamazi Fabrics. I’m tempted to buy more because I love the print so much! I’m a sucker for anything leopard print!

I opted to make the size L. I made that size for my Palisade pants that I made last year and the fit is good. The size charts and finished measurements seemed like they would be ok. I figured it was better it be too large, especially as you can draw it in to fit you.

The pattern was really enjoyable to make. It comes together quite quickly and is one of those patterns that I think looks a lot trickier than it is! The trickiest part is probably hemming the frill as it’s a bit fiddly.

I made a slight change from the pattern. I didn’t fancy a drawstring waist so instead I elasticated it. It was a very simple change to make as you are already creating a channel for the drawstring anyway. I didn’t make any eyelets or buttonholes on my dress. When I attached the top and skirt, I sewed them together as normal with the channel but left a gap of a few inches to feed the elastic through. Once I’d decided on the length of elastic I wanted, I sewed the ends together to close the loop and then sewed the gap in the waist up.

adrift dress finished

I probably could have used less elastic as the waist sags a bit on the hanger but it looks and fits ok on me.

I enjoyed making this dress and love the faux wrap skirt and frill. I really like the fit of the top as well. In fact, I’ve been using the size chart from this pattern to help me choose which sizes to make in other patterns I’ve sewn since.

Now I need more pretty summer dresses in my life!

adrift dress wearing

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