Papercut Patterns – Palisade Pants

Oh my goodness!! I think these are the comfiest trousers ever! Well, the comfiest that aren’t tracky bottoms! I love these trousers as they are super comfy, look smart enough to wear in public and are actually quite easy to make.

From Papercut Patterns website

I’ve wanted to make the Palisade pants ever since the pattern was released as part of Papercut Pattern’s Geo collection last year. Their website says it is a ‘staple pant to have in your wardrobe for every season’ and that ‘comfort is key’. Anything comfortable, I love and it has an elasticated waistband which gets a thumbs up from me! I was also attracted to them because of their interesting construction and detail. They’re not just a straight forward cargo trouser and I think the pocket detail is a nice extra touch.

The fabric I used was a khaki sanded tencel twill from Sister Mintaka. Because it’s tencel, it’s super soft. It almost feels like silk. It’s probably the most expensive fabric I’ve ever bought but I did wait until Sister Mintaka had a discount code on tencel fabrics which made it slightly cheaper. You can tell it’s good quality though and it’s soooo soft! It makes the trousers feel like secret pyjamas! The fabric is so beautiful that when it first arrived, I wanted my boyfriend to appreciate it’s softness but then made him wash his hands first! The fabric was a perfect match for this pattern. My only complaint was that it’s very slippery, so cutting it out was tricky and I used lots of pins when sewing. Unfortunately, she doesn’t appear to have the khaki colour left but she does have other colours.

As the fabric was quite expensive and beautiful. I decided to make a toile first. I know this is good practice but I hardly ever do! I’m just too keen to sew! However, on this occasion, I made the very sensible decision to test out the fit. I’m so glad I did, because I was originally going to make a medium but it turns out that due to my weight gain, they were far too small. I then made another toile in the large and they fit comfortably. The only alteration I made was I added an inch to the length. Another positive to making two toiles was that I got to practise the construction so I knew how to construct the trousers properly by the time I made them for real.

This was my first time using a Papercut Pattern and I really enjoyed using a new to me brand. The instructions were clear and easy to follow and I definitely have my eye on a few of their other patterns including the Sapporo Coat, Adrift Dress and the Sierra Jumpsuit. It’s nice to branch out and their patterns are very on trend in my opinion.

The construction was quite easy and as it is an elasticated waist, the fit isn’t too difficult. With hindsight, I could have taken a little bit more out of the elastic in the waistband, just to make it a bit tighter and help it sit better on my waist. When I make these again, I will make sure I do.

I love the pocket detail, how it’s two pieces that overlap diagonally to create the pocket and that the leg is made of three pieces, rather than two. My advice would be to make sure you mark all of the notches carefully, especially on your pocket bags so they sit correctly and equally on both sides. I also didn’t topstitch the leg seams down (because I’m lazy) but I probably would next time as I think it would hold them flatter against the trouser legs so I wouldn’t feel them rubbing against my leg. It doesn’t hurt or annoy me, just something I’ve noticed. The instructions do say to topstitch!

Overall, I am so pleased with these trousers and I love wearing them. I love that they’re comfy and I think I can dress them up or down if needed. I’m now thinking about making some shorts for my holiday in October!

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