New patterns!

I’ve not been able to do much sewing for the past couple of weeks because I’ve been mega busy with work and had a busy social life for the first time in a while! I’ve started my Charlotte skirt so hopefully will get that finished soon.

I’ve also made a more precise ‘to sew’ list and sourced a few potential fabrics. I’ve ordered a few samples of some, mainly crepe, a cotton spandex and scuba. This was also for my own reference to help me with fabrics in the future!

Some of my more imminent ‘to sew’ ideas are:

  • crepe megan dress from Tilly’s book
  • cotton spandex charlotte skirt
  •  several versions of margot pjs
  • Checked archer shirt
  • possibly a scuba pencil skirt (inspired by House of Pinheiro’s skirt)

I’ve also ordered two new patterns! Very excited!!! They are By Hand London’s Georgia Dress and Christine Haynes Marianne Dress!

Can’t wait to get cracking! Any ideas on fabrics?

Marianne Dress Sewing Pattern

I love the long sleeved version with contrast fabrics (source)

4 thoughts on “New patterns!

  1. Ruthie says:

    Omg. I am always sourcing like ten to twenty simulataneous makes. Between fabric, notions, patterns and sales it always a bit of a process. And then boom you have a dozen projects on the cutting table. Am I the only one not planning an archer?


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