Great British Sewing Bee is back!

Yay!! One of my favourite TV shows is back! Did you watch it?

I loved the dresses! Especially the one that got garment of the week! I also loved Lorna’s dress and Deborah’s dress, although there were a few that were nice. It’s inspired me to tackle some trousers! I’ve never made proper trousers, only pyjama bottoms so that would be a new challenge for me! Neela and Neil made the best trousers in my opinion!

The challenge that would scare me the most is the alteration challenge. I seriously wouldn’t have a clue where to start so I’m always impressed by anything they achieve. Loved all the kids clothes and Alex’s tulle skirt.

From watching the trousers challenge, I think my sewing is on a par with some of theirs. My zip wouldn’t be perfect and I’d probably have a gap at the top but I’ve never sewn pieces back to front or inside out. Maybe I’ll apply for series 4! Also, it’s always a pleasure to have the lovely Patrick back in my life!

After I watched it, I raced up to my sewing machine, feeling inspired and started the ruffle for the Charlotte skirt. I soon got to the stage where I needed to hand sew the gather stitches for it and that needs a good bit of time and focus! I didn’t have the patience tonight. I’m hoping to get it finished this weekend. It’s been far too long since I’ve sewn anything.

I’ve also got some fabric to make more PJ bottoms and my Archer shirt pattern has arrived πŸ™‚

Did you watch sewing bee? What garment was your favourite?

4 thoughts on “Great British Sewing Bee is back!

  1. megsewing says:

    The garment of the week was definitely my fav and the one that I remember most. I think we will have the first male winner with this series.
    I was slightly surprised one contestant didn’t know which zip was an invisible zip but that might just be nerves and the time limit.
    Sewing Bee is giving me the sewing spirit. I’ve finished a project while watching it, signed up to a sewoverit trouser course and can’t stop planning my next makes!! Just wish it was on more then once a year!


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