Bad fabric choice

So this weekend I have been making my Francoise dress. I love the pattern and I love the fabric I’ve chosen but I’ve decided I don’t love them together.

When reading the instructions it clearly states that Francoise is designed for woven fabrics and the fabric I’ve used is a knit fabric. I powered on regardless, read blogs about sewing knit fabrics and followed some of their advice but I soon realised that my fabric choice wasn’t the best. This has made me lose a bit of interest in the project, my hearts just not in it. I will still finish it, with a few modifications!

My fabric – ponte roma jersey. Gorgeous fabric, just not for this! (source)

I’ve been using zig zag stitch to sew side seams, as I don’t own an overlocker and keeping all my fabric on the table and ironing board when sewing and pressing respectively, in order to avoid stretch. However, I’ve discovered that I find it harder to be accurate with cutting and sewing as the fabric moves more than woven fabrics. This dress also won’t have the clean, crisp shape that Francoise should have.


Francoise in progress

I will finish this dress and I will definitely make another one in a more appropriate fabric. I’ve already seen a few potentials, just waiting for pay day! This is just an example of how I need to develop my knowledge of fabrics and their suitability for different garments.

On a more positive note, I’ve cut out the pattern for my Charlotte skirt and I can’t wait to get cracking on that!

What have you been making this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Bad fabric choice

  1. Hayley Margaret says:

    I’m sorry that you’ve lost heart in your project! Eerily I’m experiencing the exact same thing! For my very first clothing peice i chose a shirt/top but am using a jersey type of fabric, it’s not really working, so I know you feel. Hopefully your dress turns out well anyway though, and excited to see you make another! 🙂

    Ps. That spotty knit fabric is simply beautiful.

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