My sewing plans for early 2019

As it’s always too dark and cold for me to take any decent blog photos at the moment, I thought I’d share some of my imminent sewing plans for the next few months. I used to do monthly plans and reviews but this doesn’t always work well for me. Some months, I’ll make loads of things and others I’ll only make one thing. I also have far more ideas than time and money allow!

I thought I’d share my immediate plans. I’m not sure what time frame I’m going to make these in but I’m planning on making them in the very near future. (However, there’s always a good chance I’ll change my mind!)

Tilly & the Buttons – Nora top

nora complete

This is a bit of a cheat as I’ve already made one and have almost completed my second. I bought two jersey fabrics over Christmas to make this top as I just couldn’t decide. You can read my blog post on the first one here. This was part of my make nine for 2019 so I’m pleased to have completed it already. I love any snuggly jersey top and Nora has become a new favourite for me.

Style Arc – Ariel Wrap Skirt

ariel skirt and fabric

I bought some leopard print crepe a few months ago with plans to make a skirt of some sort of skirt. Eventually, I decided on the Ariel wrap skirt by Style Arc. I’ve had the pattern for a while and am just about getting round to making it. I’m super excited for this skirt as I love leopard print and have wanted a skirt of this style for a while.

Sew Over It – Ultimate Trousers

ultimate trousers

I know I’ve had this to sew for about 3 years but I swear I’m going to make these trousers very soon! I’ve even cut the pattern out and bought a zip! I’m going to treat my first pair as a wearable toile and I’ve got the online class to help me. I’ve already spotted a couple of gorgeous floral stretch cottons that I’d like to make more pairs in!

Closet Case Patterns – Ginger jeans

ginger jeans

I’ve recently ordered one of the mega popular Ginger jeans kits from Sewisfaction after being inspired by The Zipper Foot. I’ve been thinking about making jeans for a while as I wear them all the time so thought I’d buy a kit. These scare me a little bit so I don’t know how quickly I’ll get round to making them but I’m hoping to start them in the next couple of months.


These are all the makes that I currently have pattern and fabric for (except for the jeans but that should arrive in the next week or 2) and I actually want to make right now. I have lots other plans for later on such as a Nikko dress, Seren dress and Edie top but I don’t currently have everything I need. These should see me into at least February but I’ll report back with my progress. Also, if you follow me on Instagram (@readysteadysew_) you’ll be able to see my makes as I’m sewing them!

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