My recent fabric haul

I’ve taken advantage of various sales lately and spent a disgusting amount of money on fabric. I seriously think I have a problem, as I just can’t seem to stop spending money!

In the last month or so I’ve bought 7 fabrics and a jeans kit! I have plans for most of the fabrics I’ve bought, although I now need to purchase a few patterns! Now I just need to find the time to sew all these lovely fabrics!

sparkly stripy jersey

My first purchase is this lovely sparkly stripy jersey from Pin & Sew. I saw it in their online shop and decided I needed it in my life. I’m such a magpie for anything that sparkles! Originally, I thought I’d make a Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top but now I’m tempted with Sew Over It’s Edie top from the Work to Weekend ebook. The ebook is on my Make Nine for this year and I’ve bought some neckline interfacing for it as well. I’m planning on making this soon so I’ll report back with my choice!

I also had a mini Minerva Crafts haul and bought 3 fabrics! The first was a plain black rib knit jersey. I love a rib knit! I’m just drawn to them. I’m undecided as to what to make… do I make a simple polo neck top like a Paola or a Freya? Do I make a knee length Nikko Dress? Do I make a Rosy Pena patterns Rosalinda Dress? Or I’ve also got Simplicity 8330 and could make view C with it? Or do I just buy a load more of the fabric and make them all???

leopard print satin

From Minerva, I also bought a blue and silver leopard print satin which was ridiculously cheap, like £3 a metre or something like that. My original thought was a Tessuti Evie Bias skirt, but now I’m considering a pussybow blouse or an Ogden cami. I’ll ponder this one for a while!

sparkly rib knit

The final fabric from Minerva was a sparkly black and white stripe rib knit. I have no idea what to make! I just saw it and had to buy some because it’s sparkly and a rib knit!

fall rib knit

I also spent some money at Sewisfaction and bought 2m of their fall sunrise rib knit. I’d seen similar fabrics a while ago and really liked them so when I saw that Sheona had more in, I snapped it up. I plan on making a Nikko dress with it, which is one of my make nine plans.

The jeans kit I’ve bought is also from Sewisfaction and is for the indigo Ginger jeans. I was inspired after seeing Emma from The Zipper Foot’s fabulous pair using one of the kits.

flowery viscose

Then I watched one of Sew Essential’s vlogs and they had the most gorgeous floral viscose. The base colour is a beautiful bluey purpley colour which is my favourite colour. I’m just drawn to it. I knew I needed it. I’m thinking of making Tilly and the Buttons Seren dress from it but, again, I’m not 100% certain. I might save this til nearer the summer. I love this fabric so much, I’m a bit scared to cut into it!

leopard jersey

The final fabric I’ve purchased is a pink leopard print jersey from Like Sew Amazing. As you know, I love anything leopard print and thought I could make a simple jersey tee. I might try an Agnes tee. I think I bought the online class a while ago but haven’t used it yet.

As you can see, I’ve got lots of fabrics and plans to keep me busy for a while! I’m going to try not to buy any more fabric for a while! Now if all the shops could stop getting beautiful fabrics in, that would really help!

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