Sew Over It – Cocoon coat

This project took me a long time to complete. A really long time. In fact, it took about 7/8 months! This is possibly the longest project but it was probably the most complicated.

cocoon coat fabric and pattern

Full disclosure: I got someone to finish making it for me. In all honesty, I think I bit off more than I could chew. I don’t quite think I’m ready for making coats yet. I need to practise my tailoring skills a bit more. As my mum said to me, I should stick to what I’m good at!

I did enjoy the start of this coat but it was around the collar/facing/sleeves part that I got in a tizz! As coats go, I think this is relatively easy but I don’t think my skill level is there yet.

cocoon coat start

Also, there wasn’t many blog posts or advice around when I started it, which made it a bit trickier. I will usually search for sewalongs or reviews when I start a new pattern, especially if I’m stuck. Athina Kakou has a YouTube video where she talks through making it. She had some good advice, such as using a wooden chopping board if you don’t have a clapper. She also had a blog post if I remember correctly.
cocoon coat collar detail

The pattern is available with the first issue of Lisa Comfort’s magazine, with the instructions being in the magazine. I used a melton wool from Sew Over It and I lined it with a blue cotton lawn, which I think was from Minerva.

I do love my new coat but it was just too hard for me. I’d say I’m a confident beginner and it’s maybe more intermediate. Or you just need to be more accurate with sewing than I am!

cocoon coat complete 2

Pattern Review

Name: Cocoon Coat

Company: Sew Over It

Description: A beautiful cocoon shape creates a contemporary silhouette that goes with everything.

Printed or PDF: Printed – with issue 1 of Lisa Comfort magazine

Sizing: 8 – 20. I made a 14 as I do with most Sew Over It patterns

Alterations: None

Fabric: The main coat is from melton wool, and the lining is cotton lawn

Difficulty rating: I would say intermediate

Difficulties encountered: Several! Mainly from attaching the facing/collar onwards!

Time taken: Several months. In actual sewing time, maybe a few days on and off.

Recommend: Yes if your skill level is good enough

What would I change: I would add the pockets if I ever make this again!

My favourite thing: I like the silhouette and the flash of colour with the lining.

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