January makes and February plans

Last month, I restarted my monthly sewing plans blogs and I planned my January makes. I was possibly a bit over ambitious as I have been busy wedding planning and dress shopping amongst other things! I didn’t factor these things eating into my sewing time! Plus, I’m never good at sticking to plans!

Even though January seemed to last for around 4375 days, I only managed to complete 2 makes. I am very pleased with both of these though and both are on my Make Nine and one was my January #sewmuchbetter theme!

The first was the Pona Jacket from Helen’s Closet. I really enjoyed making this and am really pleased with the finished item. It was quite easy to sew and I had a much better outcome sewing the collar than I did when I made my Cocoon coat by Sew Over It 2 years ago. I’m hoping this shows progress in my sewing ability! I made it in a wool from Fabric Godmother so it is more a coat/ winter jacket than a spring/summer jacket. I really love it but it’s a tad on the large size. I made a size 16 based on my measurements but I could probably have sized down at least one size, maybe even two! The good thing about it being big is I can fit a jumper or sweatshirt under it!

The second item was theAvery leggings also from Helen’s Closet. I opted for these over the Virginia leggings by Megan Nielsen simply because they seemed to have slightly more positive feedback on Instagram and I liked that they only have 1 seam, which is the inside leg. As Helen has recently extended the size range for these (and the Elliot sweater, which I’m also very tempted with) they had 20% off earlier in January which made them a more attractive option! Helen’s instructions are fab and I love how she gives extra tips and information throughout. I sewed these up in a couple of hours and was pleasantly surprised with how easy they were to make.

I plan on blogging both of these makes at some point in the near future!

February plans

Acacia Knickers by Megan Nielsen – February’s theme for #sewmuchbetter is lingerie so I plan on tackling a bra and knickers this month. The Acacia knickers are a free pattern from Megan Nielsen (I think you may have to sign up to her newsletter) which I’ve had for a while. Whilst they’re not the sexiest, they look like a good basic pair of knickers. I’ve got lots of fabric scraps I could use and some picot elastic I bought ages ago so this doesn’t require me to buy anything new. Winner winner!


Bra – As it’s lingerie month, I also want to sew a bra. I made aJordy bralette by Emerald Erin a year or two ago and I love it but I now want to make some more. I took advantage of Simplicity’s half price sale recently and got three of Madalynne’s patterns (8228, 8229 & 8711). I plan on making at least one of these in February. I also quite like the Black Beauty bra by Emerald Erin and the kits she stocks.

Nora by Tilly and the Buttons – Along with most of the sewing community, I ordered some of Tilly’s new fabric that arrived recently. I went with the black with rainbow stripes and intend on making another Nora top. I love this pattern! This will be my 4th! I think I’m going to make the tshirt version with elbow length sleeves but I’m going to lower the neck slightly and use a black rib knit for the neckband.


Adrift dress by Papercut Patterns – So many sewists are making beautiful dresses and I want to make a beautiful dress! I’ve got quite a few gorgeous viscose fabrics in my stash at the moment that are crying out to be made into pretty dresses! I think I’m going to use a beautiful Mind the Maker viscose twill I have. It’s their mini leo print in blue which I think I got from Lamazi Fabrics. I plan on making the Adrift dress which looks super cute. It’s slightly weather inappropriate for this time of year but I don’t care. I love the elasticated waist and frill. I’m looking forward to this!

adrift dress

As always my plans could change but I have a week off work in February which should give me a few extra days sewing time! Also, I’m super excited that Tilly’s new book is being released early so I may get super excited and make everything from that!

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