I made curtains

Over the summer, I redecorated my sewing room. It’s now got plain white walls and I’m going to add hot pink accessories (when I can afford them!). It previously had a large dark purple wall. As much as I looooooove purple, it made the already tiny room feel even tinier. I thought white was good as its neutral and clean.

curtains sewing room

Anyway, I needed new curtains as the old ones are black, which won’t go with my new room. I bought Simply Sewing magazine last month and they had instructions for making curtains so I thought I’d have a go. It’s a lot cheaper than buying them!

curtains fabric

I bought the fabric, lining and curtain tape from Dunelm Mill. Altogether I think it cost me about £20. Bargain!

I didn’t read the instructions properly before I made them, so I didn’t realise just how much hand sewing was involved! Lots! Luckily, my window is small! The only machine sewing involved was hemming the lining fabric and sewing on the curtain tape. All other sewing was by hand. I’m quite pleased though, because it made me practise hand sewing. I usually avoid hand sewing like the plague. I hate it because I’m not very good at it, but this gave me the opportunity to practise!

curtains hemming

I’m really pleased with how they turned out, and how neat they look. It was definitely worth the effort as they do look quite professional. They were super easy to make as you only need to sew in a straight line. I’m not sure I’ll be in a rush to make another pair though due to the hand sewing involved.

curtains complete


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