Shadi Knit skirt version 2

I’ve got my sewing mojo back! After a break from sewing where I felt like I couldn’t be bothered, I’ve finally got excited about fabrics and sewing again!

I was browsing Fabric Godmother’s website and I saw this gorgeous stripy scuba and immediately thought of a stripy pencil skirt I’d seen somewhere and that someone I know has. I love it! I wanted it! So I bought it!

named stripy skirt

Everything you need!

I’ve made the Shadi skirt before in black, although my sewing wasn’t very neat, so this time I knew how to improve. I found it a lot easier to accurately and neatly cut this scuba as it’s striped. I purposely cut the waistband half a centimetre wider so the elastic would thread through easily.

I graded the pattern from a 12 at the waist to a 10 at the hip and that was really the only alteration I made (other than a slightly wider waistband).

shadi pieces

Pieces cut out

It’s so simple to make. It’s ridiculously easy! I made it in about 2 hours. It could be made in less but I wasted about half an hour getting confused with the waistband and I handsewed the hem. I know scuba doesn’t need to be finished but I hadn’t cut the bottom edge neatly! Oops! Now it looks lovely. A lot better than the hem I sewed on my first!

shadi hem

Hand sewn hem

Scuba is such a great fabric. I was a bit scared to use it at first because it’s a knit, but it’s great! I use a regular machine with a ballpoint needle. I used zig zag stitch on my side seams but straight stitch for the waist. The only negative is it doesn’t press easily and sometimes pin marks are visible but I can live with that.

Now I’ve mastered this skirt, I’ve order some more black scuba so I can make that version again neatly! I’d say my stripy skirt is my best piece of sewing to date!!  I even tried really hard to pattern match at the side seams.

shadi knit skirt stripy complete


Can’t wait to make more!

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