July makes and August plans

Hello there! It’s been a while!

You’ll be pleased to know that I have been sewing quite a bit recently. I’ve finally finished work for the summer holidays and have spent my time sewing up a storm!

I managed to complete 5 garments in July, which is pretty good. I only really finished one before the summer holidays and then proceeded to make 3 or 4 within a week more or less. One item was a pattern test and I made two of one pattern but I had a very busy last week in July sewing-wise. I have filmed a YouTube video for my July makes which you may have seen. If not, you can watch it here.

Ok, so what did I make in July?

Friday Pattern Company – Sagebrush top

sagebrush top2

I completed my second version of this top in a gorgeous white double gauze with gold dots on it. I love this top! The fabric is so dreamy and the top is so cute. This pattern is quickly becoming a favourite of mine! I love the puffy sleeves and the cute frill. It’s such a great pattern!

House of Akong – Tiger sweatshirt

house of akong sweatshirt

This was the pattern test that I completed in July. The pattern is by none other than Nicole Akong of Great British Sewing Bee fame and is based on her tiger sweatshirts that she wore during the show. It’s called the Tiger sweatshirt as the idea if you applique a tiger face to the front of it like the ones she wore. I didn’t do that as I was just pattern testing the sweatshirt itself. In honour of Nicole’s style, I used my navy sparkly sweatshirt fleece that I got last year from Like Sew Amazing and I used a plain black ribbing for the neckband and cuffs.

Paper Theory – Kabuki Tee

kabuki tee

Next up, was the Kabuki tee by Paper Theory in my beloved yellow and navy leopard print viscose twill. I got the fabric from Lamazi fabrics and it is by Mind the Maker. If you follow me on Instagram or have seen my YouTube video for July makes, you will know that this wasn’t entirely successful. I made a few mistakes along the way and at first, I thought it was unwearable. On reflection and after wearing it for a day, I’ve decided it is wearable, just not my best sewing! It’s bloody comfy to wear though. I would like to make another at some point to decide if it’s me or the pattern.

Paper Theory – Miller Trousers


Deciding to make these trousers again in a black version was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I wanted a casual pair to wear out in public so made them in a linen look viscose from Minerva. These are seriously comfy, definite secret pyjamas! They’re simple to make and go with everything!

Friday Pattern Company – Sagebrush top

sagebrush top 3

Yes I’m obsessed! My final make of the month was a gingham version of the Sagebrush top. This is my third version and have plans for a 4th and 5th! I used a blue gingham I got from Sew Me Sunshine and love this version. I’ve wanted a gingham version for a while and am very pleased to add this to my wardrobe!

What am I going to make in August?

I have some serious sewing plans for the month of August. I’m fully taking advantage of time off work! In fact, I’ve already made one and a half of these items!

Here’s some of my plans…

Friday Pattern Company – Wilder Top

wilder gown

I love my Wilder Gown but it doesn’t get as much wear as it deserves and I think that’s because flowy dresses aren’t my usual style. I do, however, love the neckline on it and am in need of some smart-ish tops. So, I’ve had the wonderful idea of making the top version of the Wilder Gown and I’m going to use a lovely blue leopard print viscose from Material Girl Laura. I think that will get lots of wear.

Helen’s Closet – Gilbert Shirt


I have liked the look of this pattern since it was recently released and am part way through making my first version. I’ve gone for the tie front version but I’m sure I will try the longer version at some point as well. I love the relaxed look of this top and that although it’s cropped, it doesn’t look too cropped. I’m using my golden leopard print viscose twill. Again, it’s a Mind the Maker fabric but I can’t remember whether I got it from Lamazi Fabrics or Sister Mintaka! I’ve had this fabric for a while and couldn’t decide what to make with it as I love it so much and I was inspired to make the Gilbert Shirt.

Megan Nielsen – Opal pants

opal pants

I have been looking for a trouser pattern with a paperbag waist for ages and then Megan Nielsen goes and releases exactly what I was wanting! I love the look of view A and am keen to make these towards the end of September, ready for going back to work. I have a grey twill fabric I got from The New Craft House to make them in. Fingers crossed they fit well!

Sew Over It – Sorrento Jacket


Ever since they released their latest ebook – Summer Dreaming – I have been wanting to sew everything in it! I also have plans to make the Alba skirt and Ravello dress from it but am very keen to tackle the Sorrento jacket. I’ve never made a denim jacket before and think this will definitely up my skills. I’ve bought a denim from Sew Me Sunshine but I don’t like the colour of it now it’s arrived. I’m still going to use it and treat my first version as a practise, then I want to get every colour denim and make more!

These are my main plans, but as usual, I have plenty more that I may squeeze in or my plans could change. I have so many other items that I want to make… the ones above are just the ones at the top of my list!

Other tentative plans include:

  •  Alba skirt by Sew Over It
  •  Ravello dress by Sew Over It
  •  Sagebrush top (no 4)
  •  Peppermint wrap top (free pattern from Peppermint magazine)
  •  Hannah dress by By Hand London
  •  Alexa jumpsuit by Tilly & the Buttons
  •  Tabitha Tshirt & dress by Tilly & the Buttons
  •  Myosotis dress by Deer & does

Plus I’m planning on making two coats in the near future! I think I’ve got plenty to keep me going!

What are you sewing in August?

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