Me Made May 2020 round up

Another Me Made May has been and gone. It was a strange one this year due to the situation. I spent nearly the whole month indoors, barely even getting dressed a lot of the time. I went to work a grand total of 4 days and didn’t see anyone else other than my fiancé.

I pledged to wear something me-made everyday. I did this almost every day. I had a couple of days where I didn’t get dressed and then towards the end of the month it was really hot and I didn’t have anything to wear! You can read my weekly posts for week 1, week 2 and week 3!

Here’s what I wore…

Some items got worn multiple times such as the Miller Trousers by Paper Theory, Nora Tees, Bertha Cardigan, Safiya trousers and Tabitha Tee (all by Tilly) and may not have been photographed each time!

What did I learn?

I wear a LOT of Tilly and the Buttons patterns!!

I also learnt that I definitely go for comfort!

Also, I have very few me-made summer clothes that fit and I lack cohesive outfits.

I have more tops than skirts and trousers.

What am I going to do now?

I plan on making lots of summer clothes! I’ve been ordering lots of fabric during lockdown so have quite a few plans. I’ve written about my summer sewing plans here.

I also want to make a few pairs of trousers that will go with lots of my tops. These include:

  • Megan Nielsen Flint pants
  • Closet Case Patterns Pietra Pants
  • Paper Theory Miller Trousers (again)
  • Sew Over It Carrie Trousers
  • Possibly either Helen’s Closet Winslow Cullottes or Named Clothings Ninni Cullottes
  • Lenaline Patterns Viktor Trousers
  • Simplicity 8698

These are all loose plans at the moment but I’m definitely planning on adding more bottoms to my wardrobe.

I also want to try and plan capsule wardrobes or collections so I can make outfits with what I sew. I have a habit of buying pretty fabric as and when I see it but none of them really go together. I need to plan out individual items and co-ordinating fabrics. Maybe I could challenge myself to work through one of Sew Over It’s capsule wardrobe ebooks to make a cohesive collection? Or one of Tilly’s books? I need to dig out my copy of The Curated Closet and have a read as well.

curated closet

How was Me Made May for you?

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