Me Made May: Week 3

I’m still wearing me made clothes every day but I am getting even worse at photographing them! I’m having to rely on old photos sometimes as at the moment, I’m usually not in a fit state to be photographed. I’m also having to rely on Instagram to remember what I wore, even though it was only a few days ago! Is that really bad?

15th May – Tilly & the Buttons Tabitha TShirt

mmmay20 day 15

What a surprise! I wore a Tilly pattern. This was a recent make and I love it! The pattern is from her Make It Simple book and is just a basic tee. The fabric is beautiful. I love the colours in it so much! In fact, I love it that much that I’ve recently bought more to make a dress version. It’s from Material Girl Laura and she has some of the best fabric.

16th May – Sew Over It Sylvia Robe

mmmay20 day 16

I made this Sylvia robe last year for a holiday. The Sylvia robe is perfect for throwing on when you want to feel a bit more covered up or it’s a bit chilly but sunny as well. I love wearing this during warmer weather and it’s perfect holiday clothing! I think I got this fabric from Minerva and I love the print on it.

17th & 18th May – Tilly & the Buttons Nora top

Nora stripy

It’s no secret that the Nora top is one of my favourite patterns so I wore one of them for 2 days. It sounds a bit trampy but I didn’t leave the house and I don’t usually get dressed til the afternoon so I only wore it for a few hours each day. The black and white jersey was from Pin & Sew and is great quality!

19th May – Forget Me Not Patterns Lola Dress

mmmay20 day 19

As it was really nice weather today, I wanted to wear a dress. The Lola dress was actually a pattern test but I really like it. I love how it has a waist belt to pull it in. The fabric is great and I think it works perfectly with this dress.

20th May – Helen’s Closet Avery Leggings

avery 5

I actually left the house today and went for a walk! Now we are allowed to travel for exercise, I drove to a walking trail about 5mins from where I live which is a great walk. It was glorious weather and the walk did me a world of good! I wore my Avery leggings which I made back in January and the fabric was from Sew Me Sunshine.


20th May – Paper Theory Miller Trousers

mmmay20 day 10

I love these trousers! They are the comfiest trousers ever! Such a great make. I might make some in a woven fabric so I can have smarter pair to wear to work but are still super comfortable. As it was quite warm, the French terry fabric wasn’t ideal as they were really warm but they were super comfy!


I’m glad I wore patterns by a range of designers this week and it’s nice to wear things that I haven’t worn for a while. I wonder what I will wear for the fourth and final week of Me Made May!

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