My Me Made May 2020 pledge

I’ve not blogged for ages then twice in one week! Who even am I?

I thought I best write a blog post today for my Me Made May pledge for 2020. If you don’t know what Me Made May is, it’s a challenge organised by Zoe of So Zo’ blog and I think it’s now in it’s 10th year. Basically, the each individual sets their own specification for the challenge but it may be ‘to wear something me made every day in May’ or ‘to wear something me made once a week in May’. It’s completely up to each person what they choose to do and there’s no pressure. Lots of people choose to document their outfits on Instagram but, again, there’s no requirement to do this. Zoe has a tonne of information about the challenge and explains it much better on her blog so go check it out! Also, if you want to see my outfits for Me Made May, please follow me on Instagram @readysteadysew_ .


Me Made May is my favourite sewing challenge and I’ve taken part for the past 5 or so years. The first year I could only manage one me made outfit a week but last year I managed me made every day. This challenge makes you focus on your me made outfits and make more effort to wear them and I always notice gaps in my wardrobe. That’s always handy! It also encourages me to wear me mades that I’d forgotten about or not worn for a while.

Also, in the current climate, I think it will be good to make more effort to get dressed every day. Or at least I have an excuse to make more loungewear!

I’ve thought long and hard about my pledge this year. I want to try for something me made every day but am unsure if I’ll manage it due to putting on weight and the current climate. However, I’m going to give it a go, so…

I, Emily of @readysteadysew_ and Ready Steady Sew blog, pledge to wear something me made every day (or as many as possible) throughout May 2020.

As usual, I’ve looked through my me mades and picked out all the ones that I still wear/ own and fit. Here they are:


That’s not a bad amount. I’ve also got quite a few plans for sewing at the moment so fingers crossed I can manage something every day!

What are your plans for Me Made this year?

2 thoughts on “My Me Made May 2020 pledge

  1. M says:

    And of course, out of all of the lovely photos of your makes that you uploaded, it chose the pair of knickers to show me as your blog post image.
    I love that black jumpsuit. It looks so “expensive” and decadent.


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