Helen’s Closet – Avery leggings

It’s been a while since I last blogged. For that, I apologise. I’ve been poorly and the current situation has affected my mood as well. I’ve had a couple of weeks off sewing as I just didn’t feel like it. I’ve read a LOT instead but now I’m getting the urge to sew again. Maybe it’s the new series of GBSB? Who knows?

avery pattern

Back in January, my theme for #sewmuchbetter was activewear. For that prompt, I decided to make the Avery leggings by Helen’s Closet. It was a bit of a Helen’s Closet month as I’d already made the Pona Jacket. I really like Helen’s Closet patterns. She has a really good selection and they are very wearable wardrobe staples. I’ve been catching up on the Love to Sew podcast recently and it has made me want to try some more of her patterns.

I chose these leggings as there 2 options – one for normal length and rise, and another for high waisted, long legged. It also only has an inside leg seam so is easier to make and should be comfier. Thirdly, this pattern has a gusset which gives a wider range of motion and comfort. Finally, these can be made from 1m of fabric!

I opted for the high waisted version but I used the regular leg length. The fabric was a navy activewear fabric from Sew Me Sunshine. I made the 16-18 size based on my measurements.

avery fabric

The construction was simple and Helen’s instructions are thorough and clear. I love that she gives extra tips throughout to help you out. The diagrams are clear and easy to understand as well. I used my regular machine with a ball point needle and zig zag stitch. Due to the fabric being activewear, I was worried it would be difficult to work with but it wasn’t. It was an enjoyable make.

The leggings are really comfortable and I feel like they’d withstand a decent workout. I have yet to test them at the gym but they have survived being worn for the day at work several times and being washed. I’m glad I went for the high waisted version. These are definitely more flattering and comfortable for me.

Overall this is a great basic pattern. I’d like to make these again in more of a cotton jersey to create some leggings for every day wear under dresses etc. The pair I made are more geared towards gym wear due to the fabric choice. Helen does give instructions on amount of stretch and provides a stretch chart in the instructions.

avery 5avery 4avery 1avery 2

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