My recent fabric stockpile

As we find ourselves in this strange situation, where we have to stay at home, I am very glad that sewing is one of my hobbies. It is made for social distancing and self isolation and I’m sure other sewists agree.

Whilst many have been stockpiling toilet rolls and pasta, I have been stockpiling fabrics, just in case, god forbid, we cannot buy them for a while. At present, Royal Mail and most delivery companies are still running and online retail has been encouraged by the government so I’ve been helping the economy and small businesses by placing a few (many) fabric orders! Some I have definite plans for, others I have yet to decide what to make with them!

Also, I can’t remember the order that I have bought these!

felicity fabrics viscose

First up is a gorgeous viscose from Felicity Fabrics. It’s multi-coloured dots on a navy base. It’s so lovely. This was my first order from Felicity Fabrics and it came so beautifully packaged. I’ll buy from them again!

tiger rayon

From Like Sew Amazing, I bought 2m of Tigers Eye Rayon. I’ve wanted this fabric for a while but never got round to buying it. Then, Sarah had a free postage weekend so I went for it. Not sure what to make though!

navy double gauze

I also got 2m of navy double gauze with silver spots on. Again, not sure what to make!

I then had a nosey on Sew Me Sunshine‘s website and was swayed by a few beauties! The first was a super cute navy tiger jersey (I seem to like navy at the moment) which I bought 2.5m of for a pair of Juno Pyjamas from Tilly’s new book.

white on black polka dot crepe

I then had a look at her newer stock and quickly snapped up the final 2m of a black with white polka dot viscose crepe. Harriet had this in before but I missed out so I was quick to get the last 2 metres! I’m thinking a pair of Safiyah trousers from Tilly’s new book (are we sensing a theme?) but I’m unsure. Another option could be a shirt of some type.

sparkly jersey stripe

Whilst looking for jersey to make Juno PJs, I had a look on Stitchy Bee and saw a lovely striped jersey. I’m a sucker for a striped jersey at the best of times but this one has sparkly stripes running through it as well. SOLD! I got 1.5m and am probably going to make Nora number 6!

modal bamboo twill

One fabric shop that I have been loving lately has been Lamazi Fabrics. I should really just give them all my wages each month! I have spent so much there recently! The first thing I bought was 2m of Modal Bamboo Lyocell Twill in Royal blue. Not quite sure what to make with it but I love the colour.

polka dot viscose

The next fabric I bought was a black and white polka dot viscose. I got 2.5m as I want to make the Safiyah jumpsuit.

I also got 2m of a navy and orange/grey striped viscose twill fabric. I plan on making the Safiyah trousers with this.

pink raincoat fabric

The final shop where I have spent my money (so far) has been Loubodu Fabrics. I’ve never bought from there before but they had 20% off so I thought I’d have a look. I wish I’d looked there earlier because they have a great selection of novelty jerseys which are perfect for PJs! I bought some fabric for a project that I don’t have the pattern for or any other notions and I probably won’t tackle until nearer autumn. However, I bought 3m of a pink leopard print raincoat fabric. I don’t know what this will be like but I hope to make an Eden jacket with it. In my head it’s going to be fabulous! With the discount, it made it a really good price so it may work well for a practise run!

I’ve also stocked up on a few threads, elastic, labels, ribbing for cuffs, zips etc as well. I’ve also gone through my fabric stash and I have over 50 pieces of fabric. I’ve still got my eye on others so may make another couple of purchases!!!

I think I’ve got plenty to keep me going for now!

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