The Stitch Festival

Last weekend I had one of the best days of my life so far!

I visited my first ever sewing event which was the Stitch Festival. This was formerly the Knitting and Stitching Show that has previously been held at Olympia, but this year was at the Business Design Centre. Why have I waited so long to visit a sewing event?

stitch fest

As this was the first time I’ve attended this show, I have nothing to compare it to but I had the best time! I went on the Saturday, which I’m guessing was the busiest day and it really was busy! I arrived at about 11am and it was already packed. It was also really hot! I’d already seen lots of photos and videos of the Stitch Festival so I was super excited to visit.

Visiting the Stitch Festival was a bit of a last minute decision for me. I’d always wanted to go but never had, with it being in London and having no sewing friends (cue violins). Anyway, I had no plans for that weekend so I googled how easy it was to get to (turns out it’s one tube stop from St Pancras) and then bought a ticket and booked my train!

It was a long day as I left home at 7.30am! I arrived in London around 10.30am and it was a very quick tube ride and walk to the venue. In fact, I think nearly everyone on the tube was going to The Stitch Festival so I followed the crowd!

wilder gown

I had no set plan for the day or budget to spend other than I wanted to buy the Wilder Gown pattern. The first stand I visited was The Foldline‘s where I snapped up the Wilder Gown straight away. The stand was so busy so I didn’t get to browse all the patterns as thoroughly as I’d like but I quickly spotted the pattern I wanted! I’m pleased I went there first as Kate (from the Foldline) said she thought that was the last copy of it! Phew!

After that, I had a bit of a walk around and browsed the stalls. It was very busy and the aisles were quite narrow so I tried to stick to the edge and them sneak into the centre and back out again! I tried to suss out where the stands I wanted to visit were!


The next stand I spent some time on was The Avid Seamstress. I’ve admired their patterns for a while but never bought one. I absolutely love their coat pattern and was very tempted with it but ended up buying their sheath dress pattern instead. The women on the stand were so nice and helpful. I really enjoyed talking to them. I tried on a sample of the coat so I know what size I’d need and I think I will try that pattern later on in the year. They gave me loads of helpful advice as well. Super lovely ladies!

I can’t remember the order of every stand but I visited loads including Tilly and the Buttons, Sew Over It, The Textile Centre, Sew Me Sunshine, Fabric Godmother, Guthrie and Ghani, The New Craft House,Higgs and Higgs, Fabrics Galore, Makers Atelier and several more! As well as sewing stands, there were lots of stands with knitting or crochet or cross stitch etc but I didn’t visit any of them!

One of my favourite things of the day was spotting all the sewing people I follow on Instagram or have seen on YouTube in real life! I even spotted a couple of Sewing Bee contestants! Don’t worry, I didn’t randomly start speaking to them, although I did want to gush to Tilly about how much I love her!

What did I buy I can hear you all ask? I restrained myself as much as possible and tried to only buy things that I hadn’t really seen elsewhere, however, I could very easily have spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds! I bought the 2 patterns mentioned above and a snap fastener/ pliers thing and some snaps. Fabric wise I bought some gorgeous green zebra viscose from Fabric Godmother, a lovely sparkly grey sweatshirt fabric from Fabrics Galore, a supersoft duck egg blue sweatshirt fabric from Higgs and Higgs and (my favourite) a blue floral viscose from Sew Me Sunshine. I was very tempted with some crepes and viscoses from The Textile Centre as theirs were only £5 per metre!

stitch fest haul

I don’t have set plans for any of the fabrics but I have a few things in mind. The zebra viscose is a bit see-through so I think I’ll make a top with that. I may make another Nora with the sparkly sweatshirt fabric but the others I have no plan!

Overall, it was a great day. Yes it was busy but I can overlook that! I loved meeting people and getting to stroke fabrics in real life! I had a lovely chat with Harriet from Sew Me Sunshine about engagement rings! I got really excited about sewing again! I couldn’t wait to get home and start making everything and it’s also given me a desire to attend more sewing events and meet more lovely sewing people! In fact, I’ve already signed up for another sewing event soon! I will definitely go to The Stitch Festival again and am already looking forward to next year!



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