French Navy – Stellan Tee

I seem to be working my way through lots of jersey top patterns at the moment and the Stellan Tee is my latest make. It’s a great pattern and the best thing is it’s completely FREE! Who doesn’t love a free pattern?

I first discovered this pattern on Instagram and I’ve seen lots of fab tshirts being whipped up by numerous sewists over the past few months. The Stellan Tee seems to be a bit of a favourite in the sewing community.

French Navy is a South African company and they seem to have several free patterns on their website so go check them out if you haven’t already. The tshirt was originally designed to be the perfect tee and to be worn with high waisted trousers of shorts. It’s a boxy oversize fit so can be sized down if you want a closer fit. I personally love a boxy tee and the Stellan tee has quickly become a bit of a favourite for me. I find myself reaching for it as soon as it’s been washed every time.

It’s a basic, simple tshirt pattern but it does have some interesting finishing details included which you may or may not choose to use. It gives you a method for finishing the neckband that is more professional looking. I’m sure you can guess that I didn’t use that as it is more time consuming but I may try it when I make this again.

The pattern ranges from size XXS to XXL which is roughly a UK 6 – 18. I made a Large, which is a UK 14 and I love the fit. As I said earlier, it is designed to be oversize so I could try a M if I want a closer fit.

The fabric I used was a pink and cream leopard print jersey from Like Sew Amazing. They don’t appear to have any left but they do have loads of super cute jerseys that would be perfect. I bought 2m but only used around 1m of it so have some left.

There isn’t really much more to say about this pattern. It’s a quick and easy basic tshirt pattern. I made it in an hour or so and love the oversize fit of it. I wore it to work for Sports Day and got several compliments, which is always nice! I definitely hope to make more of these in a range of colours and prints. It’s a great wardrobe staple.

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