Summer Holiday sewing plans

I am very pleased to say it is now the school summer holidays and I have 5 glorious weeks off work! I plan to spend a good deal of this time sewing! Yay!

I feel like I spend a lot of time planning sewing but not a lot of time doing it or blogging about it. I do have a couple of items to blog about and I will write those in the next week or so and I also have something on my sewing table that is very nearly finished.

I’m in a bit of a strange place with my sewing at the moment. I have loads of fabric, loads of patterns, loads of ideas and (at the moment) time to sew, however, I’m reluctant to. I haven’t lost my sew-jo or anything like that. I’m actually really keen to get making! The problem is I’ve put weight on. I’ve gone up at least one dress size (two sizes with certain shops and brands) and I measured my waist the other day and it’s at least 3 inches wider than it was a year or so ago. I can’t get into a lot of my clothes and I look awful in most of the stuff that still fits. I look at photos of me recently and I don’t like how I look. I’m not enjoying getting dressed in the mornings, especially in this warm weather, and find I’m reaching for anything stretchy, elasticated or baggy. I’m reluctant to make much because of this. Hopefully, I will lose some weight over the next few months and fit back into most of my clothes. I don’t want to make too many clothes whilst I am a bigger size as 1) it won’t encourage me to lose weight and 2) I worry it’ll be a waste as they hopefully won’t fit me for long!

I’m making an effort to basically eat less and move more so I’m hoping to shift some weight soon. In the meantime, I still want to sew and make stuff so I have some summer holiday sewing plans!

Leopard print wrap skirt

leopard wrap skirt

This is very nearly finished! I started this a few days ago as I have very little that fits me and looks nice in the summer weather. The pattern is the duo of wrap skirts that was free with a magazine a few months ago and I actually acquired this pattern in the Pattern Swap. I’m obviously too late to enter but I had always planned on making as leopard print version. You can never have too many leopard print skirts right?? I’m using some of the lovely leopard print crepe from The New Craft House. It’s been lovely to sew with and I’ve really enjoyed making it so far.

Tilly and the Buttons Jessa shorts

jessa shorts

As I mentioned earlier, not many of my clothes fit me at the moment and NONE of my summer shorts do. AT. ALL! So I’ve decided I’m going to have to make one pair of shorts to wear in the warmer weather. I’d like a tailored pair and I recently bought the Jessa pattern. I like that the shorts have a little bit of length to them and they seem quite flattering from pictures I’ve seen. I plan on using a khaki cotton twill that I also got from The New Craft House when they had a remnant sale. I think I got a 2m piece. My only concern is that isn’t any stretch in the fabric, but I’m sure it’ll be ok!

Papercut Patterns Palisade Pants

palisade pants

I still really really want to make these. I have the pattern cut out, I just need to cut out the fabric. I made 2 toiles and the waist is part elasticated so the fit should be fine. I’m using a gorgeous khaki tencel twill from Sister Mintaka. It’s so soft! This might be my next make!

Nina Lee Richmond Blazer


This isn’t top of my sewing queue but I would like a black blazer for wearing when going out for food or drinks. I figured the blazer should still fit if I lost or gained a bit of weight. I recently made a lilac blazer using Mimi G’s Simplicity pattern which is very similar to the Richmond blazer. It was a toss up between the two to decide which to use and Mimi G won. I would, however, like to try the Richmond blazer as a comparison. I have some black crepe to use but I don’t know whether to try it in a slightly heavier/ more structured fabric.

Deer and Doe Myosotis dress

mysotosis dress

I was going to make one of these last summer and I’ve had the pattern cut out since then. I’ve seen so many gorgeous versions and I really want to make one! The good thing about this is it’s a loose fitting style and has plenty of ease so it should still fit even though I cut it out a year ago. I’ve been inspired by Marie at A Stitching Odyssey who made a lovely red flower viscose one recently. I was originally going to make a white crepe one but I’ve instead got some teal floral crepe from Fabric Godmother to use.

I think that’s plenty to get me started! As usual, these plans could change but at least I have plans! Follow me on Instagram @readysteadysew_  if you want to see my sewing as it happens!

Happy sewing!

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