Sew Over It – Libby Blouse

I started this over a year ago and it’s taken me until now to get round to blogging about it! This is partly because I’ve had an unintentional blogging break. Who knew wedding planning would take up so much time!


I’m back and I’ve got a few recently finished projects to blog and loads of plans lined up for the summer holidays!

I bought the Libby pattern over a year ago when it was first released as I am a PDF club member for Sew Over It. It’s a great pattern! I love the boxy shape of it and it’s quite on trend as these style shirts are popular on the high street.

Libby shirt fabric

The fabric I used is a lightweight crepe from Fabric Godmother and it wasn ‘t too expensive. I can’t remember if I had Libby in mind when I bought the fabric but I think it is a perfect match. The pattern needs something lightweight and drapey and the bold flowers really stand out.

One of the reasons this took me so long to finish was because I got a bit stuck and had to get my mum to help/ finish it for me. I sewed the bulk of it together and attempted the yoke and collar, but then needed my mum to neaten it up and do the button holes, cuffs and hem! Tailoring is not my strong point!

My mum did an amazing job and she even ended up making the buttonholes by hand!

It’s definitely for a more intermediate sewist but it is a great pattern. When I feel more confident, I would like to try Libby again as she is something I would wear a lot. The only thing I would change is add to the length. The shirt is supposed to be cropped but I don’t like anything that risks exposing my midriff!

IMG_1050 (2)

Pattern Review

Name: Libby Shirt
Company: Sew Over It
Description: With its boxy shape, cropped hem and pretty collar, Libby is a contemporary yet timeless little shirt with loads of potential.
Printed of PDF: PDF only
Sizing: 8 – 20. I made a 14. As it a boxy, oversized shirt, there are no darts so it is quite easy to fit.
Alterations: None
Fabric: Lightweight floral crepe from Fabric Godmother
Difficulty rating: It’s rated as intermediate and I agree. You need to be accurate which is tricky with drapey fabrics. The shirt includes: buttons and button holes, a collar, a yoke and cuffed sleeves.
Difficulties encountered: Accuracy and trouble perfecting the collar.
Time taken: A while!
Recommend: Yes if you have sewed a few things before. It’s a great pattern and a wardrobe staple.
What would I change: add a bit of length to the shirt.
My favourite thing: The boxy shape of the shirt.

IMG_1043 (2)

IMG_1038 (2)

Sorry about no make up! Bad hayfever means I haven’t worn make up for a bit and I look shocking!

IMG_1045 (2)libby





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