Tilly & the Buttons – Freya top

The third of the trio of jersey tops that I made earlier this year was the Freya top from Tilly & the Buttons. This is one of the patterns in her second book, Stretch, and I think it’s also the third pattern I’ve made from the book.

This pattern has been really popular online and I’ve seen so many versions on my Instagram feed. It also has the option to be made as a dress with a pleat around the chest and neck area which I may try at some point.

freya top

As you may know, I’ve been making lots of basic, everyday items (ie jersey tops!) lately and I’ve been enjoying trying lots of different Tshirt patterns. I decided to make this over the Paola turtleneck tee by Named Patterns as 1) it’s a new to me pattern, 2) I wanted to see how the fit compared and 3) the neck is a short or a mock turtleneck on Freya, compared to a full on turn down turtleneck on Paola.

In my opinion, Freya is a closer fit than the Paola. In my head, Freya is more Tshirt, whereas Paola is more of a jumper. Maybe I need to make Paola in a lightweight jersey now to compare!

freya neck

Freya was really easy to make. Having made a few different Tshirts lately, there was nothing new or groundbreaking with it’s construction. If you have sewn with jersey before, then this will be a good pattern to tackle. If you are an experienced sewist, you can knock one of these up within an hour. It was a simple, straightforward make and I liked that there were options for the neck and sleeve length. I went with the higher neck and 3/4 length sleeves. For some reason, I really like 3/4 length sleeves. I often end up rolling my sleeves up so they are off my wrists and I always think they’re more versatile for the ever changing British weather!

The fabric I used was an amazing blue leopard print cotton jersey from Materal Girl Laura. I fell in love with the colour as soon as I saw it and knew I had to have some. Bright blue + leopard print = Emily’s kind of fabric. The only thing missing was sparkle! I initially wasn’t sure what to make but decided to try Freya. I’d seen so many and read lots of positive reviews about it that I had to give it a try. And Tilly always gives such brilliant, clear instructions that I thought it’d be a good make.
Freya fabric

At the time of writing, Material Girl Laura has a 1.4m remnant left which you could squeeze a Freya (or another top) out of. In fact, she has an amazing range of fabrics available! I’ve just gone on to check whether there’s any of the Freya fabric left, and I’ve spotted at least 5 other fabrics that I want to buy!

Overall, Freya is a great pattern that will get a lot of wear. I can see me making more in the future, just not yet because I want to make something different! I feel all jersey tshirted out!

freya york

Pattern Review

Name: Freya Sweater & Dress

Company: Tilly & the Buttons

Description: Cosy up in this close-fitting sweater or A-line dress with contemporary mock neckline.

Printed or PDF: Available with Tilly’s book Stretch.

Sizing: Tilly uses her own sizing system 1-8 which I think is roughly UK 6 – 20. I made a 5 which is my usual Tilly size and equivalent to a UK 14.

Alterations: None

Fabric: A lovely bright blue leopard print cotton jersey from Material Girl Laura.

Difficulty Rating: I’d say confident beginner

Difficulties encountered: None

Time Taken: 1-2 hours

Recommend: Yes!

What would I change: Nothing

My favourite thing: The choice of sleeve lengths and the colour of the fabric.

freya wearIMG_1010IMG_1003IMG_1007

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