Sew Over It – Edie Top

This is the second of my trio of jersey tops that I’ve recently made and another of my Make Nine 2019. I think that’s now 4 out of 9 that I have completed!

Edie top complete

This top is from Lisa Comfort’s second Capsule Wardrobe ebook, titled Work to Weekend and it is the first pattern featured in it. I think it’s probably the easiest make in the book and the pattern gives both a top and a dress option. I went for the top.

I’d wanted to make this top since I first bought the book a couple of months ago as I love a slash neck or boat neck tee. Although I have lots of jersey tees, I don’t really have any with that neckline. That was the main attraction to the pattern for me. I was quite drawn to the Jennifer Lauren Gable top for the reason, but I’ve made the Edie top instead.

edie top and pattern

I actually bought the fabric before I’d decided what to make with it. I was having a mass fabric buying binge, and being a bit of a magpie, am always attracted to anything shiny. This fabric has metallic stripes running through it so I had to buy some for a Tshirt. I’m enjoying trying lots of different jersey tops and I’ve seen a couple more Tshirt patterns to try! The fabric was from Pin & Sew and I love the range of jersey fabrics that Aga offers.

Once I’d decided to make an Edie top from the metallic striped jersey, I couldn’t wait to get started! I ordered some neckline interfacing from Minerva as the pattern instructs. I’d never used this narrow interfacing before but it made the neckline incredibly neat! It was super easy to use and helps get a neat, flat neckline. It also makes the neckline easy to press!

edie neckline

The rest of the top was a simple construction. I think the instructions said to sew the side seams, then insert the sleeves, but I was a rebel and attached the sleeves, then sewed the sides and sleeves in one go. So much easier! I love that technique!

edie top wearing

I made a size 14, which is my usual Sew Over It pattern size and thought it was a good fit. Not too tight and relatively flattering for my stomach. I also thought the length was quite generous, which I was pleased about. Sometimes I find the length of the body to be a tiny bit too short but the Edie top was plenty long enough. As with my Agnes tee, I just tried the top on and decided where I wanted to hem it based on fit.

Another wardrobe staple which I will wear often and probably make a few more of in the future!


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