Emerald Erin: Jordy Bralette

I made a bra!!

I love it! And it was surprisingly easy!

Go me!


The Jordy bralette by Emerald Erin is a great intro to bra making. I’d seen it in magazines and then listened to the episode of Love to Sew podcast where Erin was a guest and that convinced me to give it a go. I bought a kit from her website and went for the black lace overlay version. The kits are quite good value for money. I think they are something like £15/£16 but you have to buy the pattern separately. Also, they’re shipped from Canada so take about a week or so to arrive.

jordybralette kit

I was super excited to sew this bralette and it jumped straight to the top of my sewing queue when it arrived. This is the beauty of buying a kit, everything you need is included! The instructions are detailed and there’s also loads of info on Erin’s blog, including a sew-along video which I found mega helpful for some of the trickier parts.

The first step is to measure yourself. You definitely need to do this and not just make your shop size. The system she uses is similar to UK/Europe bra sizes but I needed to make a 34DD, which is not the size I buy! All the way through I was convinced that it wouldn’t fit me but was pleasantly surprised by how comfy it was when I finished it.

It was nice to only have to cut out a few small pieces. There are separate pieces for each cup size so measure carefully and read the pattern pieces to make sure you use the right ones. I cut my pieces out on my normal table with my small cutting mat and rotary cutter. To sew them together, I used a fine needle (think it was a size 60) and a zig zag stitch.

jordybralette cups

You begin by sewing the black lace to the mesh and then sewing the cup pieces together. Be careful not to end up with 2 left or right cups like I did! Luckily, there’s enough fabric to make a couple of bras with!

Then you sew the elastic around the edge. There are 3 different elastics included: foldover elastic for the edge of the cups, strap elastic and a wider elastic for the band. I don’t know if I used a correct method of sewing on the foldover elastic but it seems to have worked!

jordybralette no straps

The trickiest part is probably constructing the straps because you have to make sure the sliders and rings are being attached the right way. It’s not too difficult, just refer to the video if the instructions aren’t clear.

Once the straps are attached, you just need to sew the cups and straps onto the band and add the fastenings. Voila! You have made a bra! Simple!

I now want more and possibly a bikini version too!

jordybralette unfastened

Pattern Review

Name: Jordy Bralette

Company: Emerald Erin

Description: The ultimate triangle style bralette that every gal needs in her bra wardrobe

Printed or PDF: PDF only

Sizing: 26D – 26FF, 38B – 38E I made 34DD

Alterations: None

Fabric: I bought a kit which contained scalloped lace, bra tulle, strap elastic, foldover elastic, band elastic, sliders, rings and hook and eye fastenings

Difficulty rating: I would rate it as a beginners bra pattern but you need to have sewn a few things first as it can be fiddly

Difficulties encountered: Nothing major, just make sure you put the lace overlay on the correct pieces as there is no obvious right or wrong side and be careful with creating the straps.

Time taken: 1-2 hours

Recommend: Yes!!

What would I change: Nothing!

My favourite thing: I love the contrast of the overlay against the nude tulle.
jordybralette back

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