Summer sewing: What did I make?

In my last post, I wrote about all my plans for summer holiday sewing. I had 8 or 9 projects that I wanted to make plus a few finishing off jobs. I did manage to get a few of them made and I even made some things that were not planned! However, as usual, my plans were a bit ambitious and so I didn’t make everything that I planned.

I thought I’d do a quick summary of what I did manage to make!

The first thing I made was a Rosy Pena Patterns Chloe Sweatshirt that was a very belated Christmas present for my friend. I made it in a mustard sweatshirting from Guthrie Ghani. I’ve spoken lots about my love for this sweatshirt so I won’t do it again here, other than to say, it’s awesome! In fact, I remembered just how much I loved it and saw a mint green sweatshirting (also from Guthrie Ghani) and made myself another! I now have 3 Chloe sweatshirts and I still want more!

chloe mintChloe mustard

I also made my Sew Over It Molly Top in a stripy viscose jersey. This was super quick and is the perfect casual top. I squared off the hem as I find curved hems tricky to do neatly. I probably could have sized down with it. I might make another in a smaller size to compare. I love this top for comfort and casual-ness!

Molly top

The final thing that I completed was an Emerald Erin Jordy bralette. This wasn’t part of my original plans. I’d seen this on social media and then I listened to the Love to Sew podcast that Erin was a guest on. I really wanted to make lingerie and this bralette was really easy to make. I bought a kit from Erin’s website and made it in black. I love it! It’s so flattering and comfy. I’m definitely going to do a proper blogpost on this make soon.

jordy bralette

I’ve also very nearly completed my stripy Nina Lee London Portobello trousers! I’ve tried them on and they fit well. I’m excited to get these finished soon!

portobello trousers almost finished

I also cut out the Libby Shirt and the Myosotis dress and started a pair of Acacia knickers. I hope to make up the Libby shirt soon, as I think I’d wear it all year round. Whereas the Myosotis dress probably will get put to the bottom of the queue now as it’s quite summery!

Overall, not a bad effort! Lots of things made and I currently have lots of plans in my head for Autumn/Winter sewing!


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