My Me Made May pledge for 2018

Is it really time for Me Made May again? Time flies when you’re having fun!

I’ve taken part in Me Made May for a few years now and I always enjoy this challenge. I get a lot of inspiration from everyone taking part. It’s a really useful challenge to see what you’ve got and wear as well as highlighting gaps in your wardrobe. Last year, I found I had a gap for basics in my me-made wardrobe and this year I already suspect I have a hole where me-made summer clothes should be. It’s also fun to pull out clothes you’ve not worn in a while and get creative with outfits!

In case you didn’t know, Me Made May was created by Zoe from ‘So Zo What do you know’ and it is all about improving your relationship with your handmade wardrobe. It’s designed for anyone who makes their own clothes to wear them and love them more. Each participant decides on their own pledge so it really is a fab challenge. There is no requirement to document your outfits but I probably will, as I’m currently trying to hone my personal style and create a more wearable wardrobe for myself.

Each year, my pledge had grown with my handmade wardrobe. I think the first year I wore 1 item a week, last year I think I upped it to 2 items a week and this year I’m raising the bar again!

So here’s my pledge for this year…

‘I, Emily, of ReadysteadySew (Instagram @readysteadysew_)  sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to wear something Me-made every other day or 15 me-made items throughout May 2018’

If the weather stays rubbish during May then this should be doable, but if we get some freakishly hot weather then I’ll need to sew up some summer tops asap!

I recently had a bit of a wardrobe purge so have got rid of a few items but here are the items I still have and wear.

The good news is there are at least 15 items! Phew! And I’m close to finishing a couple of things and I have lots of sewing plans. I just need the time to make them!

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