Another Toaster sweater and another Chloe sweater

I’m all about snuggly sweatshirts at the moment and the Toaster sweater and Chloe sweatshirt are two of my favourite makes ever! I’ve already made both of these already (see here and here) so I won’t repeat myself with how amazing they are.

I’m sure everyone has heard all about the Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven and most probably made several. It is a very addictive pattern! I made version 1 again in a fab leopard print ponte roma from Fabric Godmother. (There doesn’t appear to be any left on the website unfortunately.) I made a medium again but I added 5 cm to the length of the front and back body. I much prefer it with this bit extra length, no more stomach reveals!

My Chloe sweatshirt by Rosy Pena Patterns is quite possibly my favourite item of clothing ever. I wear it allllllllll the time! I had to make another and this time I used some super snuggly Atelier Brunette fabric. I’d wanted some of the fabric for ages but didn’t want to risk cutting into it before knowing whatever I made would be a success. Luckily, the Chloe sweatshirt was just that and I knew I needed more in my life so decided to treat myself. I made a straight medium again and the fit was perfect again. I love this pattern!

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