Sew Over It Heather Dress

I’ve finally got around to finishing my Heather Dress. I made this in January on a whim. I’d never really thought about making this dress even though I’d seen lots of lovely ones on Instagram etc. However, I was doing some online fabric shopping and I spotted the leopard print ponte roma on Sew Over It’s website. It got me thinking about what I could make with it and I settled on a colour blocked Heather dress. I thought it would be fab for work or everyday casual wear.

heather pattern and fabric

I decided to cut out a 14 as that is what size I usually am in Sew Over It patterns. Even though this was jersey and so was a bit more forgiving, I went with the 14. I should have graded to a 12 at the hips but I didn’t. When I originally made this, it was huge at the hips. It looked like a sack! I joined Sew Over It’s new facebook group and it appears that a few people have had similar problems with this pattern. I wasn’t quite sure how to fix it without taking the dress to pieces and I wasn’t doing that! I left the pattern alone for a few weeks to mull it over. I was worried about the pockets. I didn’t want taking it in to affect the pockets too much.

In the end, I put it on inside out, my mum pinned where it needed to be sewn and I sewed where it was pinned. It ended up being an inch or so on either side. I trimmed the new seam allowance down and now it fits much better. I’ve got a bit of excess fabric on my back but that’s nothing new. The pocket is fine, just a bit narrower!

If I ever make this again, I need to remember to tweak the pattern piece to fit!

heather complete

Pattern review

Name: Heather Dress

Company: Sew Over It

Description: Versatile and super comfy, a gorgeously chic jersey dress, Heather can be smart as well as casual.

Printed or PDF: This is PDF only.

Sizing: I cut out a straight 14 but had to take it in an inch either side at the hips. The pattern goes from 8 – 20.

Alterations: None other than sizing alterations mentioned before.

Fabric: I made the colour blocked version in a plain black ponte roma and a leopard print ponte roma. Both were from Sew Over It and I got 1m of each.

Difficulty rating: The pattern is recommended for advanced beginner to intermediate jersey sewists. I found the construction relatively simple and I’ve made several jersey items. As usual, I made it on a regular machine with a ball point needle and zig zag stitch.

Difficulties encountered: Although the dress was simple to construct, the neck band is slightly big on mine. I didn’t bother basting it first to check! And I had to read the instructions for sewing in the pockets a couple of times but I got there! Also, fit was an issue!

Time taken: Probably an afternoon.

Recommend: Yes if you have sewn with jersey before. I’m not sure if I would make this again though.

What would I change: I’d make the neckband fit properly and tweak the pattern  to fit me.

My favourite thing: I love the colour blocking version and of course, pockets! Everything should have pockets!


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