Named Clothing Paola Turtleneck Top

This is my second make of 2018 (technically my first proper make) and the second of my #2018makenine. I’ve included mainly basics in my Make nine this year and they are all things I’ve never made before. I’ve also tried to include relatively easy things to sew. I’ve attempted a few things last year that either didn’t work as expected or just didn’t look good or fit well. I get disheartened if that happens too often and I lose interest in sewing for a while.

paola pattern n fabric

Luckily, the Paola top was great to sew! It’s really easy to make and has lots of hack potential. I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a while as I love a turtleneck and I am a fan of Named’s patterns. I thought it would be a fab basic that I would get a lot of wear out of.

Rosabella, from the YouTube channel Sewn, has made a few of these and she has included a great frill neck hack. Also, Amanda from I Sew A Lot has made a few of these and has made a Paola as a 1 hour challenge, which also inspired me to make one.

I chose a black and white rib knit from Fabrics Galore after seeing it in Suzy magazine. (I’ve just checked their website and they don’t seem to have any left.) It’s really good quality and quite soft and warm.

paola neck

The top sewed together well and I had no big disasters. My only issues are the length is a bit shorter than I’d like and I seem to have stretched the hem out a bit as I sewed it. Other than that it was a quick and easy make. I’m adding it to my list to make several more of!

paola completed

Pattern review

Name: Paola Turtleneck tee

Company: Named Clothing

Description: A classic semi-fitted turtleneck tee

Printed or PDF: Available in both. I have the PDF

Sizing: UK sizes 4 – 22. I made a straight 14.

Fabric: Black and white striped rib knit

Alterations: None

paola shoulder

Difficulty rating: Rated as simple and I agree. I would recommend you’d made a few things first as this is a jersey pattern. I used a regular sewing machine with ballpoint needle and zig zag stitch.

Difficulties encountered: None, except them hem stretched out slightly.

Recommend: Definitely!

Time taken: About an hour

Favourite thing: I love turtlenecks!

What would I change?: I would add half an inch or so to the length. It fits but I feel like I need to keep pulling it down a bit!

paola wearing

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