Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater

toaster sweater

I am totally in love with this top! It’s soooo comfy and snuggly. I never want to take it off! After wanting to make this sweater for ages, I finally got around to buying it and I’m now wondering why I didn’t get it sooner! It’s awesome! It’s also one of my #makenine for 2018 so I’m off to a good start!

toaster sweater pattern

I opted to make version 1 without the topstitching, mainly because I like the neck on it. My plan was to make a wearable toile out of a cheap fabric before buying a more expensive sweatshirt fabric to make a ‘proper’ one. I bought a black quilted ponte roma for something like £8 a metre and it sewed up really nicely. It’s really soft and snuggly.

This pattern has got to be one of the quickest and easiest sews ever! I reckon I made it in about an hour and I’m a slow sewist. I loved how it came together and the raglan sleeve. I now want to add a band for the hem of everything I make as it’s so easy and loads better than hemming!

Now I just need to find some snuggly sweatshirt fabric to make another!

toaster sweater

Pattern Review

Name: Toaster Sweater (version 1)

Company: Sew House Seven

Description: A high neck, raglan sleeve cropped sweater with a wide waistband and wide cuffs.

Printed of PDF: I have a printed pattern although it is available in both. I think you can also buy version 1 and 2 separately.

Sizing: XS – XXL. I made a M.

Alterations: None

Fabric: A black quilted ponte roma from Fabric Godmother £8 p/m. (It’s currently available in other colours but not black)

Difficulties encountered: None

Time taken: after cutting out, I reckon this took no more than an hour.

Recommend: yes yes yes!

What would I change: I know it’s supposed to be cropped but I would like to add to the length. I’m not a fan of anything that potentially shows off my stomach!

My favourite thing: I love the neck and how easy it is to sew!

toaster sweater 1



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