Another Ultimate Pencil Skirt

ultimate pencil skirt vol 2 complete

After not having sewn anything for what feels like FOREVER, I’ve got my sew-jo back with a total impulse make!

ultimate pencil skirt vol 2 fabric

I saw this lovely stretch cotton on Fabric Godmother’s website (I think she had a sale on at the time) and thought ‘that would make a nice pencil skirt to go with my bluey-purpley jumper’ so I bought a couple of metres. I’ve also bought a few other pieces of fabric lately, as I’ve got lots of Autumn/Winter sewing plans!

ultimate pencil skirt vol 2

I’ve already made this skirt (see here) so I’m not going to do a full pattern review. I made a 14 at the waist and graded to a 12 at the hips. The fit is pretty near perfect. Either the fabric I made the first one out of is stretchier or I’ve put weight on… let’s go with the former! The only alteration I made from the earlier version is I took the hem up a lot more. I think I ended up shortening it by about 2 inches so it now sits just at my knee, rather than below my knee.

The second time around the instructions regarding the kick pleat made a lot more sense and I think I did a much better job. I also took my time inserting the zip and it’s much more concealed! I even hand sewed the hem and facing edge myself (I usually pass these jobs onto my mum!) because I was that keen to finish and really enjoyed making the skirt. I can’t wait to show it off!

ultimate pencil skirt vol 2 me


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