Autumn Sewing plans

August has been a pretty quiet sewing month which is ironic as I’ve not been at work. I have, however, been out of the country for most of August and it has taken me a while to get back into things.

I’ve been working on New Look’s 6488 – a summer dress just in time for autumn. I have almost finished it, it just needs a few bits of handsewing. I also plan on taking it in slightly at the side seams as it’s looking a little bit like a sack on me. I’ll blog about it properly when it’s finished.

New look 6488

I’ve got about 4 projects ready to start. One of which is my Rowan top. I will make that one day soon! I promise! In fact Rowan tops are on my Autumn/Winter to-sew list! Other imminent projects are McCalls M7542, McCalls M7533, McCalls M7381 and Simplicity 8342. I’ve never sewed a McCalls pattern before and I have 3 waiting to be made! In fact, New Look 6488 is only the second pattern by one of the big four that I’ve ever used!


Other Autumn/Winter plans include making Helen’s Closet’s Blackwood cardigan. I’ve seen so many lovely versions of this on instagram and blogs and it looks like my dream cardigan. I plan on making the longer length as part of the #cosycardichallenge. This will hopefully be made in September, although I haven’t found any fabric yet.


I also want to make a selection of Tshirts and basic long sleeve tops. I want to use the Rowan pattern and Sew Over It’s Molly top for these. I’m still tempted to buy the Agnes online course by Tilly and the Buttons though, to help improve my jersey sewing. I may even make a Named Patterns Paolo turtleneck, as I love turtlenecks so much!

rowan pattern

Alongside the basic Tees, I’d like some simple ish skirts. I’m thinking Tilly’s Delphine and Clemence, Sew Over It’s Tulip Skirt and Erin Skirt. I could make these in denims or cords or cottons.

I have been dreaming of a black denim and a blue denim Cleo pinafore dress since I made mine back in January. I hope to make these this autumn as they are so easy to make and fab to wear. In fact, a Cleo over a Rowan will be a staple outfit.

cleo pattern

I’ve had Sew Over It’s Ultimate Trousers to make for a year or two now so maybe this winter will be the season I finally make them! I’ve still got my black and white stretch cotton to use, and they are on my make nine!

ultimate trousers

Another item that I saw loads of last winter was the Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater. I reaalllllyyy want to make one in Atelier Brunnette sweatshirt fabric. I think that may have to be a payday treat. If it turns out ok, it’ll be totally worth it as I’ll wear it to death!


If I’m feeling brave, I may attempt a Lola coat from Sew Over It’s city break ebook. It looks so nice but it’s a lot of fabric. This is a maybe!

lola coat

The final thing I’m thinking about for now is a pair of snuggly pyjamas. I may buy a new pattern, or I may just use Tilly’s Margot pattern (that I’ve used before for the bottoms) and use the  Sew Over It Molly top in a larger size for the top. We’ll see.

That’s a lot of plans for the next few months! I have no idea how far I’ll get with these but hopefully I’ll make a few of them! I’m hoping to finish the few things I’ve got ready to make and then make my cardi, but who knows with me!

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