Sew Over It Kimono

After an unintentional mini break from sewing, it’s so nice to have finally had time to make something! July has turned out to be a super busy month so I have hardly had time to sew! My fabric stash keeps looking all gorgeous  and calling out to me though!


I’ve been keen to make the kimono jacket from Sew Over It for the past few months, mainly as I go to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand in a few days (eeeek!) and it is the perfect item to take with me. It’s a perfect cover up for temples, the beach, boats and evenings, it’s lightweight and probably won’t crease much so this makes it excellent backpacker clothing! I’ve been looking for the perfect fabric for a while – not too expensive, something sheer (chiffon), florals (but not too big) on a dark background but have had a surprising amount of difficulty!

Of all the items I planned to make in July, this was the one that I really wanted to make as I had the deadline of my holiday to meet. I broke up from work on Tuesday last week, so Wednesday morning I spotted this fabric on Sew Over It’s website and just decided to buy it! It arrived on Friday or Saturday (all my days are rolling into one) and I whipped it up this morning! I’m super pleased with it!

kimono pattern n fabric

I was a bit naughty because I wanted to get this made quickly. I didn’t prewash my fabric and I only used pinking shears to finish seams! With hindsight I should have french seamed it and handsewn the hem and collar, however, I was in a rush! And I hate handsewing!

Overall, I’m pleased with my new kimono and I’m glad I got to make it in time for my trip!! It was a quick and easy make, easy to fit, looks really good and will go with everything!

kimono completed

Pattern review

Name: Kimono Jacket

Company: Sew Over It

Description: The perfect piece for layering in style! Stylish, flattering and comfortable,  the kimono jacket adds a touch of effortless charm to any outfit. The kimono jacket is made from just 4 pieces, making it a great pattern for beginners to get to grips with lightweight, drapey fabrics. With no tricky zips or buttonholes, it’s quick to construct.

Printed or PDF: This is PDF only.

Sizing: XS – XL which is roughly 8 – 18. As it is a loose fitting jacket, fitting is easy and it may still fit you if you are outside these sizes. I made a straight medium. I made the shorter version but added an inch or so to the length.

Alterations: I added an inch or so to the length of the shorter version. That’s it!

Fabric: I used this gorgeous floral chiffon from Sew Over It. It was £10 p/m and I bought 2.5m.

kimono fabric

Difficulty rating: It’s labelled as an advanced beginners. The only tricky thing about this is the fabric choice. I used chiffon, which is slippery, but if you used a cotton lawn then this would be suitable for beginners.

Difficulties encountered: None besides the fabric being slippery, which I was expecting. The pattern is simple to make, instructions are clear, and the photos help explain the instructions.

Time taken: I started sewing around 9:30am and had finished it by 1:00pm with at least an hours break in between. Probably 2-3 hours sewing time.

Recommend: Yes!!!!!

What would I change: This is being really picky, but I may add a little more to the length next time.

My favourite thing: I love the fabric. Everything about the jacket is great though!

kimono completed floor

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