My June makes

At the beginning of the month, I shared my sewing plans for the month for the first time. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea as it would hold me to account a little bit. I’m great at making plans, I’m not always good at sticking to them!

However, I think it turned out to be a good thing! It gave me a focus and encouraged me to stick to more of a timeline! It’s also made me think realistically about what clothes I want/need and how much I’ll be able to make in a month. I plan on carrying on sharing my monthly sewing plans so my July plans shall be up shortly.

Back to June… I planned on making 4 items and I’m pleased to say I made 3 of them! The item I didn’t make will be top of my July list!

My first make was my lovely elephant print Bettine dress.  I love this dress. So easy to make and nice to wear. I want to make a few more when time (and money) allows.

bettine completed

My second completed make was my Megan Nielsen Flint shorts. Again, I absolutely love these and I really enjoyed making them. It was my first time using a Megan Nielsen pattern and I’ve been converted. I want to make more and try the longer version as well.

flint complete front

My third completed make was the birthday present for my friend. I made her an eye mask and a make up bag, using Eeyore fabric. The eye mask pattern was from Evie la Luve. I don’t remember where the make up bag pattern was from but I’ve made a few before when I first started sewing. The fabric was off ebay but I saw it in Hobbycraft the other week.


The only thing I didn’t make was the Rowan top from Megan Nielsen but that is top of my list for July!

What did you make this month?

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