Tilly & the Buttons Bettine Dress

I’ve completed another of my Make Nine makes and completed my first make of June. I also put this pattern on my post Me Made May list.

bettine pattern

For a while, it felt like this dress was not meant to happen. First, I didn’t realise it was a narrow fabric so didn’t buy enough! I had to do some serious pattern tetris to get the main pieces to fit. I ended up having to cut the back skirt piece in 2 halves so it has a seam down the centre back. Unfortunately, this means I have headless elephants! I didn’t have enough fabric for facings so I just used scraps. The pocket lining is just a stretch black cotton and the neck facings is from a fat quarter I got free with a magazine.

bettine back skirt

Back skirt with extra seam!

Then, my thread kept running out part way through every seam (it felt like) and I bought the elastic for the waist and misplaced it. I ended up buying more then finding what I’d already bought once I’d finished it. Sods law!

bettine problems

Not enough fabric!

Anyway, I’m glad I persevered as this dress is super comfy and a perfect casual dress. It’s a simple pattern and I love the elephant print chambray I used. It’s from Minerva Crafts but they don’t seem to have any left on their website. I saw the lighter version on Fabric Galore’s website a while ago too.

I made the version with pockets, because, you know, pockets! I’m super pleased with how this dress turned out.

bettine completed

Completed dress!

I can definitely see a few more of these in my life!

Pattern review

Name: Bettine Dress

Company: Tilly and the Buttons

Description: Bettine is an easy peasy throw-it-over-your-head dress. It has a blousy bodice with a scoop neckline, kimono sleeves which hang softly around the underarm, turn up cuffs, elasticated waistline to cinch you in and flattering tulip skirt.

Printed or PDF: It’s available as both but I have the printed version.

Sizing: As with all Tilly’s patterns, the sizes are 1-8. I made a straight size 5. I think this is a UK 12/14.

Alterations: My only alterations were due to lack of fabric! I cut the back skirt in 2 halves and omitted the turn up cuffs simply because I didn’t have enough fabric.

Fabric: An elephant print chambray from Minerva. It sews and presses like a dream!

bettine headless elephants

Difficulty rating: It’s rated as a beginners pattern. I agree. I think this would be a good first dress pattern. If you’ve made a few simple items this will be an enjoyable challenge. There are no darts or fastenings and the kimono sleeves make it simple. I added pockets but making the plain skirt would make it even easier.

Difficulties encountered: All my difficulties were self inflicted! The construction was super simple. I used a 13mm elastic at the waist so it could be inserted easily!

Time taken: I made it in several sittings as I am unorganised but this could be made in an afternoon.

Recommend: Definitely!

What would I change?: The only thing I’m not keen on mine is the shape of the skirt. I should have graded a size smaller at the hips. I didn’t and it sticks out slightly. It doesn’t help that the pocket lining I’ve used is heavier than the chambray so that affects it slightly as well.

My favourite thing: The pockets! Who doesn’t love pockets in a dress??

bettine wearing

A bit too wide at the hips!


4 thoughts on “Tilly & the Buttons Bettine Dress

  1. emmaandhermachine says:

    looks nice, I love the fabric. It’s made me look at my Make Nine and I’m faring up better than I thought I would be! I’m not sure about the Bettine, I have the same worries about the skirt so it’s not very high on my list, though I love seeing other people’s!


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