June sewing plans

So I’ve decided I’m going to try and do monthly sewing plans and makes blog posts. I love watching these on Youtube and I want to join in the fun! I don’t want to start a Youtube channel (at the moment anyway!) so will stick to blogging at the moment! I have loads of ideas for things I want to make. Every time I see a pattern or get inspired by another sewist’s creations I make a note of it. The problem is, my sewing wishlist is growing longer a lot faster than I am sewing! I even have a pinterest board with patterns I want to make!

As a result of Me Made May, I’ve noticed gaps in my wardrobe and things I would like more of, and have found 9 patterns that I neeeeeeeed to make. Some of them I have already made and would like more of, others are patterns I have not made yet but would fill a gap and I would wear a lot.

mmmay make nine

My nine patterns that I need more of in my life!

To kick off my first sewing plans monthly blog, I have 3 and a half items. I’m not trying to be overly ambitious as I am a slow sewist and only tend to sew at weekends!

My first plan is to finish my Bettine dress. This is already half made so is my half item! I’m really enjoying making this so far and definitely need more casual dresses in my life.


The next item I plan on making is Megan Nielsen’s Rowan Top. I haven’t decided which variation yet but I’m thinking the polo neck bodysuit as I love polo necks and bodysuits! I have bought a white ribbed jersey from Fabric Godmother to use. Megan Nielsen’s sewalong starts this week so I’m sure I’ll be following that! I am slightly nervous about making this.

rowan pattern

My next planned make is also a Megan Nielsen pattern. This is the Flint shorts. I’ve seen loads of these on Instagram and really like them. I’m going to make the tie short version in a gorgeous blue cotton/linen mix, also from Fabric Godmother. Again, I plan on using the sewalong on Megan Nielsen’s website to help.


My final planned make is a birthday present for a friend. It’s her birthday at the end of the month and I’m making her a present this year. It’s an accessory, rather than clothing I’m making. I don’t want to say too much in case she sees this but hopefully she will like it!

I’ve got loads more ideas but I’m sticking with these to focus on this month. Let’s see how I get on!


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