Fabric stash & what I’m sewing

Hi everyone! I mentioned in my last post that I have a small fabric stash developing which has never happened before. I always used to just buy fabric when I was  making a certain project and it would be used for said project.

Not lately!

I have recently bought fabric with no idea about what to make with it! I just loved the fabric!  I have also got a couple of fabrics on order that I have loose plans for as well!

I need some advice though about what to make with two of them.

One is this gorgeous ex-designer crepe fabric that I’ve seen lots of people with.


The other is this super cute heart print crepe fabric.


Let’s start with the hearts… Originally, I saw this fabric and I thought By Hand London’s Sarah shirt. I think it’s the same fabric as the one they have used in their sample and I fell in love with that shirt the moment I saw it. I literally went ‘I want that one’. That’s what persuaded me to buy it!

By Hand London Sarah Shirt

I have also considered making either the Alex shirt from Sew Over It’s My Capsule Wardrobe City break ebook or Sewaholic’s Oakridge blouse. Then I remembered that I still haven’t mastered buttons and buttonholes yet. My vintage shirt dress is still hanging up near my sewing machine begging to be finished but I just can’t figure out how to do buttonholes properly! So I’m now thinking Tilly and The Button’s Orla top. Its a cute top and the fabric is suitable, and the best part is no buttons required!

Image result for orla top

Tilly’s Orla Top

Another potential top is the Anderson blouse from Sew Over It, but at the moment I’m edging towards Orla. I think I would get more wear from an Orla top than the Andersom blouse. Please comment with any patterns that you think would be suitable, especially if there are no buttons involved!

Now the beautiful ex-designer crepe.

I first saw this on Sew Over It’s vlog when Lisa had it in her stash to sew. I can’t remember which month it was but it was fairly recently. I ummed and ahhed over buying some and then they sold out and I was a bit cross with myself. Then I saw that Fabrics Galore had some so I snapped up a couple of metres! (Just checked and it’s still on their website see here). I’m super excited to pass off my clothes as designer when I’m wearing whatever I make with this fabric!

At first, I was thinking a shift dress like Sew Over It’s Ultimate Shift dress ( I do love Sew Over It!) but now I’m not sure if it’ll be a bit much. It’ll be lovely but I don’t know if I’d wear it very often. Now I’m thinking either a playsuit or  wrap dress.

Btw, how hard is it to find a wrap dress pattern for woven fabrics! I’ve found tonnes for knit fabrics but very few for wovens!

At the moment, my favourite pattern is Style Arc’s Gisele dress. I love love love this pattern! I might buy it anyway just because I love it so much! I’ve never used a Style Arc pattern before so any advice would be gratefully received.

Feminine wrap dress with ruffles

Style Arc’s Gisele Dress (source)

For a playsuit, I like Simplicity 1158 in the short version. I also have Sew Over It’s Poppy playsuit pattern in my stash. I’ve started one but it remains in my pile of unfinished items, so I don’t know about using that pattern again.

Image result for simplicity 1158

Simplicity 1158 (source)

I have seen a couple of other potential patterns but the above two are the leaders at the moment. Again, if you have any advice or suggestions please let me know below.

On to current sewing… I just finished my Cleo dress so that will be my next blog post. I’m super pleased as it was one of my make nine projects and my first completed project from 2017.

I’m just about to start making my Sew Over It Silk Cami top in a florally viscose that was in one of the kits they put together before Christmas. I’m in the process of researching sewing with slippery fabrics as I don’t want to make a mess of it! I’m hoping this turns out well then I plan on making a collection of them!

Any suggestions or advice? What are you guys sewing at the moment?

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