Fifi PJ set

I’ve actually completed something for the first time this year!! I think I’d lost my sewing mojo a little bit, as everything I’d started lately either didn’t fit properly, didn’t work out as expected or I encountered difficulties (SOI Vintage shirt dress I’m talking about you!) . However, something I’ve made has turned out well and I couldn’t be happier!

fifi 6

I’ve had my eye on the Fifi set since it was released, but only just got round to buying it. I think I had a rubbish nights sleep during the really hot weather and decided I could help myself by making some summer pyjamas! I found some cheap cotton lawn (£5/m) from Fabric Godmother and decided to give them a whirl. As the fabric wasn’t mega expensive, I was using it as a wearable toile, so wouldn’t have been gutted if they didn’t fir quite right. Now I’ve tried them out, I might treat myself to some other cotton lawn that’s a bit more expensive and make another set!

fifi 1

So the details… It’s classed as an intermediate pattern and it was nice to use some new techniques. All the seams are french seams, it’s cut on the bias and uses bias binding. The instructions tell you how to make your own bias binding, but I had some in my stash that I got from Liberty so decided to use that. I think it makes a nice feature on the top.

I made a size 4 top but graded to a size 5 at the waist and it fits pretty well. I think I may lengthen the top slightly if I make it again, only by an inch or so (I’m not the most accurate when hemming so this probably made it shorter than it should have been). I found the top enjoyable to make and was really pleased with it.

fifi 2

For the shorts, I made a size 4. After trying them on, I probably should have made a size 5. I can get them on, but a bigger size would definitely be comfier and more flattering. I actually had to cut these out twice! Luckily I had 2m of fabric, which was more than needed. I was pinning the side seam together, and one piece was at least an inch longer. I thought this can’t be right, so I laid it back on top of the pattern piece and I’d cut it completely wrong! I don’t know how I managed to get it so wrong! As I’d already french seamed the inside leg, I had to cut all 4 pieces out! After that it was a lot easier to put together. The waist elastic caused me confusion, but that was because I got my mm and cm mixed up so ended up with a bigger piece of elastic than the shorts! Again, once I’d realised my error, I was able to solve it! I think I may have stretched the elastic out of shape a bit as I sewed it to the fabric. I do like that method of attaching elastic! I may use it on a pencil skirt in the future!

fifi 3

Overall I’m happy with the top! It’s really cute and summery. The material is a bit see through though! The shorts look good, but with hindsight, need to be bigger.

4 thoughts on “Fifi PJ set

  1. Sara-Lu says:

    I really enjoy sewing Fifi sets! It is something quick but a little bit fancy and feels like spoiling myself!

    I do have to ask though- what was your misfortune with the Vintage Shirt Dress? I just made one and LOVE it!


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