Leopard Print skirt

After having not sewn anything for what feels like ages, it’s finally the summer holidays and I’m back at my sewing machine!! It feels so good to be making clothes again. I’ve missed it! I’ve got so many ideas jotted down in my Fashionary!

To start my summer sewing, I’ve made a skirt that I’ve been planning for several months. I’ve had the pattern and fabric for a while so I’ve finally made it. The skirt is inspired by a Topshop skirt I saw and tried on many times over the winter but I just couldn’t justify the almost £40 price tag! I was incredibly tempted though! I also went shopping yesterday and spotted that New Look have a version in their new Autumn Winter range that inspired me to crack on!

leopard new look

New Look’s version

leopard topshop

Topshop’s version

A couple of months ago I stumbled across a blog post (here) by Fritha, where she made her own version of the Topshop skirt so I decided to do the same! I bought a metre of leopard print upholstery fabric off ebay, a goldy colour thread and a zip which came to about £10 in total. Much cheaper than the original. Fritha used the Delphine pattern from Tilly’s book, but that meant adapting it which scared me. Instead I used Simplicity 1370.

leopard skirt pattern

The pattern – I used view D

This was the first time I’d used one of the ‘big 4’ patterns, and I found it slightly confusing. The steps didn’t seem to go in a logical order and I ended up doing my zip last rather than my hem. I don’t know if I read it wrong! Highly possible! Because I’d made a few things before, the pattern wasn’t too difficult to follow. I think I may have struggled if it was my first project.

leopard skirt pattern notions

Ready to be made!

I followed Fritha’s advice and underlined my skirt using some left over black stretch cotton from my Georgia dress. I didn’t know what underlining was so had to watch a tutorial, but it’s really simple! Basically cutting 2 sets of pieces out and sewing them on top of each other to create 1 set. This could be to stop the fabric being see through or for stability. This was a new skill for me!

leopard skirt wip

Part way through construction

As I mentioned earlier, the construction was a strange order once I’d sewn my underlining pieces onto the garment pieces. I made the darts first, then sewed the side seams and centre back seams, then the hem, then the waistband pieces together and attached to the skirt and finally the zip! I decided to use an exposed zip for the first time! I watched a youtube video and off I went.

leopard skirt zip

Inserting the zip

I’m proud of this skirt because I think it’s the best piece of sewing I’ve done so far! My only (minor) errors were to do with the zip. I maybe should’ve done the zip earlier and because the fabric was really thick and then was underlined, it was tricky to sew over seams! However, it ended up ok, although I did break a needle for the first time!

I’m also proud as I’ve used 2 new skills (underlining and exposed zipper) and have created a skirt I love that fits for a fraction of Topshop’s price!

leopard skirt front

Completed – front view

Leopard skirt back

Completed – back view

I now have plans to make my own version of a River Island skirt I’ve seen that I love! Wish me luck!

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